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Thread: Hurricane Hordak vintage figure review thread

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    Hurricane Hordak vintage figure review thread

    After looking at Thunder Punch He-Man and Terror Claws Skeletor over the last couple of weeks, let’s this week turn our attentions towards the first Hordak variant, HURRICANE HORDAK.

    Like FF He-Man and TC Skeletor, Hurricane Hordak had an arm-related feature, but it was different to those two figures. With HH Hordak, you could attach one of the three weapon extensions into the end of the figure's right arm, and then turn a thumbwheel on the back of the figure to make the weapon spin menacingly.

    Being a 'deluxe' figure, the figure's armor, which resembled the original's in design, was in chrome, and this looked really cool.

    Many a collector has commented over the years that they liked this Hordak because, without a weapon inserted, it resembled the cartoon Hordak's arm when it turned into a cannon.

    I didn't have a HH Hordak as a kid. I wasn't really into variant figures, and was more interested in Skeletor and the Evil Warriors than the Horde.
    He was one of the last figures that I got when re-collecting the line seriously. I have two examples, but one has one of the arm extensions chewed up at the end from a previous owner (or dog!).

    No 200x sign of an HH Hordak, as the Horde only featured late on in the revived franchise's line. If the stactions continue, who knows...

    All-in-all, although as I say I wasn't really into variants or the Horde as much as the Evil Warriors, I think Hurricane Hordak is a very decent figure. I'll give him a generous 9 out of 10.

    So there are my thoughts on the figure. Now I'd like to hear your own thoughts, comments, memories and anything else HH Hordak-related.
    And whether you post or not, don't forget to rate the figure in the thread!
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    never had him, not even nowadays, so i really cant vote, still, hordak is one of my favourite characters

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    I went with ten. I loved how you could change out his attachments, the spinning action was a plus. Also how can you not like the shiny gold armor
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    I think it was the best Hordak!

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