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    Dangermouse and Count Duckula

    Okay I would just like to take this opportunity to declare my love for two of the greatest cartoon series in the history of cartoons, Dangermouse and Count Duckula.

    Now as some of you may or may not know both of these shows were created by the British cartoon studio called "Cosgrove Hall" which was founded in 1976 by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall. Seeing as DangerMouse was the first of the two I will start with him.

    A parody of the classic tv show Danger Man (as well as many other spy shows of course) this show chartered the adventures of Britains top secret agent and his bumbling sidekick Penfold. Througout most of the show his chief nemesis was the evil toad Baron Silas Greenback and his lackey Stiletto as they tried many hairbrained schemes to take over the world (such as selling heaters to Eskimos, only to be foiled when the realise the eskimos have nowhere to plug them in). On these adventures it was haevily shown that DM (as he is known to his friends) may be the worlds greatest (and most famous) secret agent, an expert in many forms of martial arts and a keen detective... he was also as much an accident prone bumbler as his sidekick was and mostly saved the day through sheer dumb luck as much as anything else.

    Now while Greenback was the chief villain there were other ones, such as Doctor Augustus P. Crumhorn III and one particular evil character who was obsessed with Show Business... the absolutley brilliant COUNT DUCKULA.

    Now unlike the Duckula from the CD cartoon show (which i will get to in a minute) it was implied that this particular one was indeed an evil vampire as he tended to join up with evil people in an attempt to take over the world (or at least get on tv). Now while this love of showbusiness carried over to the Spin Off show "Count Duckula" I tend to think that this particular incarnation of Duckula was the father of the one from the CD show. Yes I know technically it is the same vampire reincarnated every time but everyone (including he himself) refer to them as his ancestors, even though he knows that he is his own ancestor, as he says "Im not Like I was when I was my own father!", but I refuse to believe that the evil Count Duckula of the DangerMouse cartoon is the same Count Ducklua as my Ducky Boos.

    Okay onto the Count Duckula cartoon show (which is my favourite of the two, if not my favourite cartoon series EVER).

    Starting with one of the greatest openings of any cartoon series ever

    "Castle Duckula—home for many centuries to a terrible dynasty of vicious vampire ducks: the Counts of Duckula! Legend has it that these foul beings can be destroyed by a stake through the heart or by exposure to sunlight. This does not suffice, however, for they may be brought back to life, by means of a secret rite, that can be performed once a century when the moon is in the eighth zenith... The latest reincarnation did not run according to plan."

    This show followed the zany adventures of the green Transylvanian Vegetarian Vampire Duck... "COUNT DUCKULA" (an obvious parody of Count Dracula) who was made vegetarian when Tomato Ketchup was used in the secret rite instead of blood, as he attempted to become a rich and famous entertainer, explorer, artist... whatever took his fancy really. Of course none of his brilliant ideas would not work without the help of his faithful Butler Igor and his beloved Nanny..Nanny (or is that his brilliant ideas would work without the help of his faithful Butler Igor and his beloved Nanny..Nanny).

    The other most famous character of this show was the Wampire, ahem I mean Vampire Hunter Doctor Von Goosewing (a parody of Van Helsing) and his attempts to kill the blood sucking fiend Duckula (he seemed oblivious to the fact this incarnation of the Dreadful Dynasty of Vicious Vampire Ducks was a harmless vegetarian) using his ingenious (well stupid) inventions.

    Despite being a Vampire Duckula did not share his ancestors problems with Sunlight (it did not make him turn to dust) and in fact he seemed to quite enjoy it. However he did have some vampiric qualities such as the ability to teleport (usually to the telephone), not casting a reflection in the mirror "look in the mirror and there you are not there." and enhanced strength (he was able to lift and support his entire body with only one finger with no apparent problems)

    Oh and he also had a pet werewolf named Towser which was heard on occaision but never seen.

    What I liked about both these shows, was not just the brillaint voice acting (especially of DM and CD which were both done by David Jason), but also the brilliant dialogue and play on words such as the memorable back and forth between Duckula and two Egyptian Priests named Hoomite and Yoobee

    "Hoomite: I am Hoomite, High Priest of the Sun God Ra! And this is my assistant Yoobee.
    Yoobee: Delighted, I'm sure.
    Hoomite: Who might you be?
    Count Duckula: Yes, I got that.
    Hoomite: No, who might you be?
    Count Duckula: Yes, I know, you said that already.
    Hoomite: So you will not tell me?
    Count Duckula: Well, I hardly need to, do I?
    Hoomite: We shall see about that! Yoobee, you try.
    Yoobee: Oh, very well master. Listen I am Yoobee, right?
    Count Duckula: Wrong. I am, you are.
    Yoobee: Aahhh! There you are Master, he is Yooare.
    Hoomite: So you are Yooare?
    Count Duckula: I am not, I am not.
    Hoomite: See! He is not Yooare, he is Knot!
    Yoobee: You are Yooare!"

    Now if you will excuse me I am going to go watch my new Dangermouse and Count Duckula Boxsets
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