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Thread: MOTUC Teela discussion: Accessories, hair color, removable armor, etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr_Evil View Post
    Why are you all so eager for a Teela all of a sudden, when none of you wanted a Teela staction?
    I feel the need to say something here...That statement is incorrect.
    In fact, out of ALL the Staction remakes that fans here hoped for, Teela often placed HIGH, & came usually right after King Hiss, Moss-Man, & Skeletor by most. She was constantly mentioned as a "hopeful."

    Back on topic:
    The new Teela Classics figure should be inspired by the original, whose face & form where much more Frazetta-esque. She should include the original colored Snake Armor, & it should be removable, the original Teela figure is worlds better than the 200X one in many ways, most notable being the face, & I am not talking about the Reissued version, you take an original 80's Teela, & a face-side-by-side comparison to the 4H's Denise Richards inspired one, & it is much nicer, because the shrinking process from the 4H 2up malformed the 200X version's, just look at how nice the 4H prototype 2up is on their webpage in comparison to the toy we got, then look again at an original Teela, & you'll see what I mean, the 4H had the best intent, but the downsized final has a warped profile. And I am a BIG Teela fan as you guys know & have several of all versions made of her in my posession. The micro-bust Teela was the closest to what the 4H had intended in product form in facial "look".

    The Green Goddess should have a new head... Snake Armor, & be all green-toned.
    On Teela, the ponytail should be short, but not sculpted to the back of the head, take a look at Frazetta's works, the original figure design (leotard, tiara, ponytail), & Alcala's mini-comic interpretations of Teela, that is what she should look like... A true fantasy warrior princess...
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