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Thread: Do you wanna see Lt. Andra in the new line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killian View Post
    Who? You gotta post a pic or reference for an obscure character hardly anyone's heard of..
    Agreed, post creators should attach pictures for these obscure characters!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Predabot View Post
    Lt. Andra is a fresh new Lt. of the Palace Guard, she was basically replacing Teela as Prince Adam's bodyguard, so that Teela could focus more on her duties as Captain of said Guard.

    She is a character from the legendary Star Comics.
    Thanx Predabot for the information.
    I have always wondered why she did not get more attention . . . It would nice if she were made wearing a Palace Guard uniform, with two heads: one like comic and the other like the male Palace Guards.

    Quote Originally Posted by LORD FALLEN ELDOR View Post
    I want her about as much as I want Songster That said, If Mattel made her Yes i would buy her
    I hope this is not sarcasm because I — I know I am in the minority — think Songster would be cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by danielsan52 View Post
    Well it looks like she is unavailable anyway. Toyguru just announced that "The Marvel and Star comics are not something we have access to at this time."
    Alas, it was a nice try, yes?
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