I have an extra Bronze Greyskull left after a trade fell through that I was working on. Anyways, if anyone still needs one I will be letting him go for $110 shipped.

**This offer is only available to ship in the U.S.**
I am getting ready to go in for surgery next week and can't get around all that well so I am trying to make this as easy as possible.

As an alternative, I would also be willing to trade for a MIB 200X Faker and $50 (which is the same as the trade that I had going before).

I also have an extra regular version which I am selling for $65 plus shipping. I know that these prices sound pretty steep and normally I would only trade, but due to a lay-off I don't have too many choices right now.

If anyone is interested, please PM me. I'd rather sell them here than on Ebay.