***Important note:
With the July 2nd news on the home page of He-Man.org,
that Mattel will be selling a limited quantity of their SDCC exclusives online:

If you sent me money for a KG purchase at SDCC,
and you'd rather purchase your King Grayskull on their online store,
and you need me to refund your money,
that's no problem!
Just send me an e-mail (jvs @ he-man.org) letting me know.

And no, we don't know when they'll be selling them on their store, or how limited the quantities will be. Sorry***

To everyone who can't attend SDCC, wanting a King Grayskull:

Mattel's plans are to sell out of King Grayskull at SDCC 2008.
If they have leftovers, they plan to offer them through a yet-to-be-announced reputable online store.
(no, we don't know who that is. Sorry.)

So, in the meantime,
we recommend making arrangements with other fans to purchase one for you at the convention just to be safe!

Because we know many of you will be looking to purchase via another fan,
we ask that fans (who are attending the con who will purchase for other fans) volunteer their help first,
then fans looking to purchase please PM those volunteers!

That way, we can avoid a ton of thread requests, and prevent this thread from turning into a very lengthy mess that's hard to sort through.

Please, volunteer posts only!
If you are volunteer, you can offer your help in this thread,
or start a thread in this New MOTU Marketplace offering your services.

Purchase requests will be deleted!

***volunteers: Please try not to scalp your fellow fans. We understand some of you will want to make a few bucks for your time, but please try not to overdo it. Regardless, what you ask for is your call.

***buyers: Please do not harass someone if they are asking a price you feel is unfair. "Scalper Harassment" is not allowed on the forums. Just move on to another volunteer.


I am also offering to pick up KG figures for fans, but I recommend finding someone else if you can!
...I say that just because some folks may find the following a pain, but it's how I'm handling it this go-around, and I think my conditions are fair.

If you'd still prefer for me to try and purchase you a KG figure,
remember that I can't make any guarantees of what I can purchase!
Mattel may chase me away from the booth!

But I'll purchase as many as I can.
It'll be first-come-first-serve. So I'll be refunding any unfilled requests.
I feel pretty confident that Mattel will do what they can to help me fill all your requests, but they can't make guarantees either, nor do I have the power to speak for them!

Here's the catch if you want me to do it:
You have to pay a lump sum in advance,
via PayPal only,
no later than July 15th!

That gives me enough time to pull the money from PayPal to use at the con for your purchase.
All my extra cash and credit is invested in the site overhaul so I can't float you a loan (sorry!).

If there is money left over (after we figure out your shipping), I'll refund it.
If I require more, you'll need to pay it. And if I need more money, and you don't pay it, I'm keeping the money you originally sent and selling the figure on eBay... so be prepared to pay extra if need be!

You're also responsible for the PayPal fees, which are around 5% of whatever amount you send me.

US Fans:
30.00 (KG) + 5.00 (ship from SDCC) + 10.00 (ship from KY to your place) + 2.50 PayPal fees
= 47.50

International fans:
30.00 (KG) + 5.00 (ship from SDCC) + 25.00 (ship from KY to your place) + 3.00 PayPal fees
= 63.00

Sorry for all the steps, but if I'm gonna take the time to buy them, ship them safely from the convention center back to Kentucky, then pack them individually and ship again to you,
you have to make sure I'm not risking a loss on money.

Please PM me if interested before sending any money via PayPal!


Also, we strongly recommend avoiding eBay presales!
Presales are not legal on eBay,
we can't vouch for any of the sellers or regulate their activity like we can here on the forums,
and you may be spending extra money in the process that you could have saved by using a volunteer here on the forums.

Do what you want, but that's our advice.