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    Looking for Various MOCs

    I am looking for the following Vintage MOTU MOC. AFA 70+, but not necessarily graded by the AFA (just something that would grade AFA 70+). I am looking for MOCs with no Yellow Bubble and no Sticker, but am open to offers. Rare items / variants do not need to be in any certain condition, just MISB or MOC. Any help with rounding out my collection would be greatly appreciated. Please specify if they have the NEW and what comic is included if those apply. Please check my For Sale thread for possible trades. Thanks!

    If you have 8 backs for sale with a clear bubble I'd like to take a look even if they are not listed below.

    8 Back Faker MOC
    Evil Lyn MOC w/ Ordeal of Man E Faces AND/OR Power of Point Dread Mini Comic Only
    Trap Jaw MOC
    Jitsu MOC
    Fisto MOC
    Saurod MOC
    Blade MOC
    BA Skeletor MOC
    BA He-Man MOC
    Grizzlor MOC
    Buzz Off MOC
    Sy-Klone MOC
    Rio Blast MOC

    I am now looking for the following 12 back versions of these guys as well. Clear bubbles only.
    He Man w/o The Original
    Skeletor w/ The Original
    Skeletor w/o The Original
    Teela 12 Back
    Stratos 12 Back Blue Wings
    Stratos 12 Back Red Wings
    Zodac 12 Back
    Mer Man 12 Back
    Faker w/o He's Back 12 Back

    Wonder Bread "Savage" He Man Loose

    Variants (All must be MOC)
    Man-E-Weapons MOC
    Black Belt Leech MOC
    Webstor w/ Blue Gun MOC
    Painted Back Tung Lashor MOC (Need a clear bubble one, mine is tinted)
    Stratos w/ Blue Beard MOC
    "Virus" He Man MOC

    If its a US MOC and it says the figure is 'Made in Mexico' it is probably a variant so PM me. I am also interested in figures that are Made in the US.

    Battle Cat MISB
    Land Shark MISB
    Road Ripper MISB
    Mantisaur MISB
    T-Rex MISB
    Attack Trak MISB

    Eternia MISB

    2 Packs:
    BA Skeletor / Screech MISB
    Always interested in upgrading my 2 packs, send me pics if you have any for sale!
    Mailer 2 Packs in Sealed Mailers (JC Penny, so on)

    Evil Warriors 3 Pack
    Heroic Warriors 3 Pack
    BA Skelly Evil Warriors 3 Pack

    Legendary Items I Need:

    Terror Claw / Flying Fist MISB
    He Man / Wind Raider MISB
    Man-E-Faces / Panthor / Skeletor MISB
    Man-E-Faces / Panthor / BA Skeletor MISB
    BA He Man Heroic Warriors 3 Pack
    Leo Faker MOC :-)

    JC Penny's and Mail Away Sealed Bag 2-Packs
    Single MOC Figures with Cassettes/Costumes (The pack in not the tape on)
    3 Figure Gift Sets MISB

    Foreign MOCs:
    Del Universo Evil Lyn MOC
    Estrala Evil Lyn MOC
    Top Toys Evil Lyn MOC
    Top Toys Camo Kahn MOC
    Top Toys He Man MOC
    Top Toys Green Modulock MOC
    Top Toys Skeletor MOC
    Leo He Man MOC
    Leo Skeletor MOC
    Leo Blue Cards MOC
    Leo Airplane MOC He Man
    Any Leo MOCs

    Thank you.

    -Shawn 'Chaundon' Daniels
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    hello, would you be interested in any of these:

    Roboto C-9 MOC for $55
    Kobra Khan C-9 MOC for $65
    Mekaneck C-9 MOC for $125
    Prince Adam C-9 MOC for $135

    These all are without NEW! on card or price tags and have clear bubbles and really beautiful cards. I have a lot of C-8 or better figures if you have a want list, I just thought I would offer these as good deals for really nice conditioned figures.

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    PM Sent.

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    Would you be intersted in a c9 Spikor on unpunched card? please pm me if intersted.

    p.s I have a carded punched rattlor coming soon,

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    here's what I got:

    All items in perfect state except where noted


    8 back teela 120 euro (spanisch)

    Man at arms 100 euro
    Teela 115 euro

    Evil-lyn 125 euro

    Zoar 45 euro
    Screeech 40 euro

    Fisto 75 euro
    Clawful 65 euro
    Kobra khan 65 euro

    D. blaster skeletor 95 euro
    Roboto 45 euro
    Stinkor 45 euro
    Leech 45 euro

    F. Fist he-man 125 euro
    T. claws skeletor 155 euro
    Hurricane hordak 50 euro
    Extendar 45 euro
    Rattlor 45 euro
    Thung lashor 45 euro

    Gwildor 85 euro

    Stilt stalkers 15 euro
    Megalaser 15 euro

    Clamp champ 75 euro
    Scare glow (glow weapon) 200 euro
    Twistoid 90 euro
    Rotar 90 euro
    Snake face 110 euro

    Turbodctyl 150 euro
    Bionatops 180 euro

    Megator 990 euro

    Battle armor skeletor/panthor: 350 euro

    Commemorative series

    He-man 50 euro
    Skeletor 38 euro
    B.A. he-man 25 euro
    B.A. skeletor 25 euro
    Buzz off 25 euro
    Clawful 25 euro

    MOTU 200X

    He-man san diego 2002 225 euro
    Keldor 125 euro
    She-ra 55 euro
    Faker 115 euro
    Moss man 75 euro
    ‘Cross’ he-man 16 euro
    ice armor he-man 7 euro
    man e faces normal 11 euro
    two bad green card 9 euro
    skystrike stratos 7 euro
    ram man 9 euro
    Yellow evil lyn staction 40 euro

    Ram Man bust: 40 euro
    Evil lyn bust : 40 euro
    3 micro busts (stratos, triclops, skeletor) 15 euro

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    Updated and simplified my list.

    Still looking guys! Let me know what you have!
    My Vintage MOTU Want List:
    My Others Want List:
    Vintage MOC and MISB For Sale:

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    sirorko -- I am interested in your items could you send me some pics?

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    Laser afa

    Hi, Im selling LASER HE-MAN AFA 70 (head movie)

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