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  • Alan Oppenheimer (Filmation Cartoon)

    57 46.72%
  • Frank Langella (Live action movie)

    43 35.25%
  • Campbell Lane (New Adventures of He-Man)

    3 2.46%
  • Brian Dobson (New Cartoon)

    15 12.30%
  • Uncertain

    4 3.28%
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Thread: Who played the best Skeletor?

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    Court Magician Raider of Shadows's Avatar
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    Who played the best Skeletor?

    Seeing as he's a pivotal character in the mythos and possibly the most different in all versions, I was wonder who everyone thought portrayed the best Skeletor.

    Personally, while Campbell Lane is my favorite actor out of the 4 of them, I think that Brian Dobson did by far the best variation.
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    I think Brian Dobson probably gave us the best, though I think that, had the NA version of Skeletor been more serious, Campbell Lane would have been the best Skeletor of all time.

    I voted for Campbell Lane anyway, as I think he did a great job, even though NA Skeletor was written to be far more humorous and sarcastic. The character just felt more real and natural to me.

    I like Frank Langella and Allan Oppenheimer too, but I think the Filmation Skeletor was too bumbling and inadvertently humorous.

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    It seemed to me that NA's Skeletor always called He-Man "She-Man." There was some sort of hiss or a breath of air the actor took before he pronounced his "H." Ha, there's something for the drinking game thread!

    I went with Frank Langella all the way. He brought out a Shakesperean essence to Skeletor that I feel the character's always had. On top of that, I'm royally kicking myself for not waiting outside of the theatre for Mr. Langella when I saw him on Broadway in a production called "Fortune's Fool." He was hysterical as a bawdy member of high society with plenty of homosexual innuendo to boot. If I wouldn't have been so exhausted from being up 24 hours before my arrival, I'd probably have enthusiastically handed him my program to sign and told him how much I enjoyed his performance as Skeletor.

    Besides, he's played Dracula before. Have the other three actors tapped into that darkness? I'd say that ability was a key element in his successful protrayal of Skeletor.

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    Eternian Henchman motu77's Avatar
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    Frank Langella has to win hands down, he made Skeletor to a villian to be feared.
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    Assimilate, or else!! krosfyah's Avatar
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    I really liked DObson's mix of Oppenheimer and Langella, but Frank really made Skeletor the Evil Lord of Destruction with simply a turn of phrase. he brought evil, menace and validity to the role.
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    Credit must go to Oppenheimer for creating such a perfect voice that most people associate with the Evil Lord of Destruction, and Langella really did make him a serious threat, but I voted for Dobson's perfectly balanced combination of the two. He brought Langella's menace to Oppenheimer's characterization. Brilliant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by motu77 View Post
    Frank Langella has to win hands down, he made Skeletor to a villian to be feared.
    agreed...the toon made skeletor a total joker... and i want a big fan of their voices...

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    Court Magician Brakk's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    Oppenheimer. He found a great, dry and skeletal voice for the character that is just perfect for it. Dobson more or less tried to imitate the original with the squeaky voice. Langella's Skeletor was a very different character alltogether. Lane suited NA version well
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    Cobra Saboteur Firefly's Avatar
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    Alan Oppenheimer. His Skeletor was one of the great classic 80s villains.

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    Master of Physics VZX's Avatar
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    Is Langella still acting on Broadway? If so, I'm gonna stake out that theatre, wait for him, and give him a MIB Skeletor figure to sign. How cool would that be?
    I just saw Chicago at the Ambassador (awesome)...and we're probably gonna take the kids to see Lion King in a few I'll do that then!

    Oh, btw, Langella was the best Skeletor
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    Heroic Warrior the fixer's Avatar
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    Langella all the way.
    He's the main reason why I still watch the movie from time to time...

    I truly forgot I was watching an actor with a latex mask when he delivered all of those famous lines!
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    Heroic Warrior Grimbot's Avatar
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    None could laugh like Alan.
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    Heroic Daddy to Hermione! Uki's Avatar
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    My favorite is of course, the original flavor, Oppenheimer, for sentimental reasons and that he just defined the character for me.

    Now, Langella is wicked awesome, and an easy second, followed just a bit by Dobson. Lane would be third, but I've only watched a couple of NA eps.

    Now, in all fairness, I think each was perfect for what his role was, as each Skeletor differs in several ways.

    Langella is perhaps the most quotable, however...
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    SAY10 is coming... dedset13's Avatar
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    I have to go with Frank Langella. By far the most evil, most ruthless and best portrayal of what Skeletor is all about. Absolute Power!!
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    Quester JonWes's Avatar
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    I had to go with Langella. It was a hard decision though. I really think each have brought a great version of the character. I think, in my head, Alan O is what I think of when I hear Skeletor's voice, but Langella had the best performance of them all.
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    Heroic Warrior Darkness's Avatar
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    Frank Langella, though Oppenheimer was awesome too, really hard to pick this one but Langella's Skeletor is how the character should always have been portrayed. I also support Langella as the voice of the new Skeletor, that would be awesome.

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    Heroic Warrior raptor8x's Avatar
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    Man, was that ever a tough one! I've always been partial to Alan Oppenheimer, but Frank Langella just brings out the raw evil and scary intellect in the character. Sorry Alan!

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    Hexcellent Horror Hostess
    Penny Dreadful's Avatar
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    Alan Oppenheimer for sure. Though I dig me some Frank Langella & Brian Dobson too.

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    Greatful his pants are on bskcase's Avatar
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    I have to give to Frank Langella. Of course we didn't get that much into Skeletor's personality, but you did get a lot out of the character in one film. You did percieve him as dangerous and yet he was very manipulative and intelligent.
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    Widget Wrestler Mr. Shokoti's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Penny Dreadful View Post
    Alan Oppenheimer for sure. Though I dig me some Frank Langella too.
    This is how I feel. The other 2? I'm not a fan.



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