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Thread: Rest In Peace, Luigi! (Danny Wells)

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    Rest In Peace, Luigi! (Danny Wells)

    RIP Danny Wells, and cheers to the good old days of children's television
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    You will be missed Danny thank you for making my childhood awesome.
    Etheria will be mine!

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    I remember him playing the character Myron on Riptide also as the bartender on the Jeffersons
    He'll b missed.
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    Danny Wells "Does the Mario" in heaven along with Lou Albano!

    "Swing your arms from side-to-side..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Danny Wells "Does the Mario" in heaven along with Lou Albano!

    "Swing your arms from side-to-side..."
    You took the words right out of my mouth. I also agree with The Nostalgia Critic on how he kinda sounds like George Carlin. Also, If any of you remember the 'Catillac Cats' episodes on 'Heathcliff', Danny Wells voiced Bush, the dog who guarded Cleo's music store.

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