I thought I’d start a weekend movie box office thread. I’ve always been fascinated by the box office and sometimes I like commenting/posting on results, but I don’t always like getting into the spoiler world of individual movie threads. Here are the box office estimates from boxofficemojo.com for this past weekend:

1. Kung Fu Panda $60 million
2. You Don’t Mess with Zohan $40 million
3. Indiana Jones $22.8 million
4. Sex & the City $21.3 million
5. The Strangers $9.3 million

I was expecting Kung Fu Panda to win this weekend and Indiana Jones (drop 49% from last week) to beat out Sex (drop 62.6% from last week) due to stronger matinees. I think The Incredible Hulk will win easily next week, but I wonder about its legs. The Happening is the only other major movie opening next week.