I still have yet to see Watchmen. I really want to see it in the IMAX. Also, sad to see the big drop in it's 2nd weekend take. I understand that longer run times equate less showings thus less profits. An R rating, necessary for the material, will also hurt it's commercial success. The Dark Knight provided an intelligent take on the superhero film and Watchmen rides that notion but unfortunately for Watchmen the average person knows who Batman is and has no idea who Rorschach is. Are they willing to give it chance? Apparently not. Regardless, the film looks excellent and I think it will find more life on DVD.

Nice to see The Rock enjoying success but that movie does not look good. Looks alot different than the one I saw as a kid. But all these remakes seem to suck. Is there no creativity left? No original ideas? Sometimes, it seems so.