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Thread: Evilseed and Count Marzo: Filmation or MYP version for MOTU Classics

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    Evilseed and Count Marzo: Filmation or MYP version for MOTU Classics

    Well, since the chances are really good that we'll be getting a Evilseed and Count Marzo figures for the MOTUC line, I was wondering what versions everyone wanted the figure sculpted to look like, as the Filmation and MYP versions have very distinctive looks. Filmation Marzo had a royal, regal look, sort of like Fimation King Randor, while MYP Marzo had the look of a mystic warrior/ Latin lover. Filmation Evilseed looked like an artichoke while MYP Evilseed looked like brussel sprouts. So, which one do you all prefer? Personal, I'd like to see Evilseed done in his Filmation form and Count Marzo to have the look of his MYP counterpart.

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    Well I think they will probably be based on MYP because the filmation designs aren't available. But in any way shape or form I hope these characters make it out there.
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    MYP Marzo FOR SURE!

    Evilseed I'm not to attached to either design, so I'm gonna vote Filmation because I know that's one of Carlo's all time favorite episodes!
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    MYP all the way!!!

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    Definitely MYP foremost, but I think a second release of the characters based on their original Filmation designs would be cool too – I mean it'd just be cool to have an 'artichoke-headed' Evilseed in my collection!
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    MYP all the way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orko's Magic Hat View Post
    MYP all the way!!!
    MYP all the way!

    Lyn's Father too!!
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    MYP with out a doubt.
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    Well, we got Marzo and I have to say, MYP version is better. Evileed, I'm voting Filmation design. He looks more menacing in that evil hooded-cabbage patch kid reject kind of way!
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