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Thread: Evilseed and Count Marzo: Filmation or MYP version for MOTU Classics

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    myp evilseed is the one that is ruling.
    so excited about myp characters like
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    Filmation for both characters.
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    Well, we got Marzo and I have to say, MYP version is better. Evileed, I'm voting Filmation design. He looks more menacing in that evil hooded-cabbage patch kid reject kind of way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RockinHard View Post
    Filmation for both characters.
    Agreed. MYP Evilseed is very boring from a design aspect compared to the Filmation version. THAT Evilseed will stand out on the shelf and would look like nothing we have gotten, and that says a lot in a line as diverse as MOTUC. We have the modern Marzo now so I want to see the 4H take a pass at the original for sure.

    And even though he is not the topic of this thread, King Miro needs to be done EXACTLY like King Randor was done in the 1980s and MOTUC. Take the Filmation design and bring it over into the toy look, furry shorts and all.

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    MYP Evilseed.

    There's no reason why we can't have both forms, but the MYP version looks more MOTU-like, especially now that he has to rumble with the likes of Moss Man.

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    Personally MYP Evilseed is WAAAYYYY BETTER!!! I still like the Filmation design... But the MYP version of Evilseed just looks menacing, he gives off a certain vibe and his role is bigger in the MYP cartoon it gives him more backstorey, were Filmation just didn't.

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    Since Count Marzo got a release, I doubt we'll see him or a variant of him. He wasn't that popular and he really doesn't warrant another figure.

    Evil-seed (like it was mentioned before) was much better designed in the MYP series. If anything, we'll see a 200X version. The Filmation version is just too cartoony.
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    MYP Evil Seed all the way !

    Personally, I think the Filmation "artichoke Evil Seed" was really lame. I'll only buy a MYP version of this character.

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    MYP Evilseed with a Filmation extra head for those who really like artichokes.

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