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Thread: Walmart online may have been compromised- change passwords, etc

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    Walmart online may have been compromised- change passwords, etc

    I just assisted local friends of mine, someone in another state ordered a $600 TV through their Walmart online account for store pickup. They noticed it immediately by checking their email(good for them they were still awake), logged into their account and found a large purchase. They cancelled the order, removed payment info and changed the account password, as well as called WM's customer service number.

    If you order through you may want to at least change your password and/or remove your payment info, in case they have had a security breach of account information. They have done that with WM and their Amazon account for the time being.
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    Wow! Thanks for the heads up. Good thing your friend was proactive.

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    Or don't shop at Walmart.

    The farmers market is fun.

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