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Thread: He-Fan Q&A Round 3 - Ask your questions here!

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    First of all a thank you to Val for making my round 2 question more clear haha. I reread my post the other day and I clearly was really tired when i posted that!

    Anyway my new question is:

    Do the licensing problems you have with the Filmation characters apply to the NA 90's cartoon as well or is it possible for NA characters that were never toys to show up in this line.

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    Is there any chance of a MOTUC/DCUC crossover 2-pack exclusive, like this one I've suggested here in this thread?

    Poll: DCU/SUPERMAN vs. HE-MAN/2-Pack??

    The majority of the voters seem to favor one and would buy one.
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    To help put out as many characters that time allows, would it be possible for smaller figures, such as Orko and Gwildor to be pack-ins with other figures as an accessory?


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    Will Princess of the Power action figures have a special art design on their cards/boxes (like in the 80's collection) or will it be the same cover art for all the different groups of characters (Horde, Masters, Princesses, SnakeMan)?

    Thank's a lot for this wonderful release!

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    YAAAY! My question from last round made the cut..!

    We know that characters that appeared in the mini-comics are game, but what would be the status of characters like Lieutenant Andra from the Star-Comics, and other fiction ( such as Golden Books, Ladybird, Ehapa, London Edition) created independently of the cartoons?

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    Given the announcement from Mattel that the con-exclusive King Grayskull can not be shipped to International fans will Mattel offer King Grayskull in alternative International postage friendly packaging sometime in the near future. International fans want to support this line from the very start. King Grayskull was a major part of "MotU's history in the MYP series and appears to be central to the origin of "MotU: Classics" debut. It would be tragic for international fans to miss out.

    Take Care,
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    Mattel please, buy the He-Man and She-Ra cartoons from Entertainment Rights. If you owned Both Filmation related "MotU" cartoons, plus "NA" and "MYP" cartoons, you would be able to distribute any or all 4 cartoons to Television in the lead up to another relaunch or a live action movie. Plus, you could include Filmation and "NA" animated characters in "MotU:C"!

    Long Live 'MOTU'!

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    My question is related to another seen before.

    I am from the UK, and don't have much chance of getting a King Grayskull. My exact question is,

    If the collector club gets enough Europe/International interest, is there a chance of Mattel using one of the other country sites for an International collectors Club?

    And by the way, Hi to all the MOTU group.

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    When can we expect to know what the upcoming figures will be. Like a release schedule or something of the sort. And not just the first few figures, but how will the next figure in the line be announced later in the line also. Thanks Mattel and Toy Guru!
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    I would like to know how many figures Mattel will produce of each character and if they continue producing a figure if it gets sold out. I think it is very important to know if you have to order a figure very soon or if the new Mattel shop will have a very large stock so you can order the first released figures even a year later.
    I am always interested in buying rare vintage Motu stuff. Feel free to send me a pm if you got something for sale.

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    Will Mattel's new online-webshop have a "Collector's Club" (motu/general)?
    If so, will people registered there get benefits/discounts the more they buy MotU figures?

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    What was your inspiration about how many Pieces you produce per Character? More like the Stactions? or the Commemoratives?

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    Size Question...
    If the bodies are going to be shared, is there going to be any size variation and if so how much size variation can there be?
    IE, I have always felt Beast Man would be a larger figure then Stratos, but they will be sharing the same furry body. Yet King Greyskull will be a larger figure.

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    Any chance of seeing 'generic' characters like an ETERNIAN SOLDIER or a ROYAL PALACE GUARD?
    Odd Man Out

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    Closing this down to compile for questions.

    After reading through it, there's a lot of good questions!
    It's going to be extremely hard to narrow them down.

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