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1. Any chance of exclusives through, AFX, and/or other sites/retailers?
This is something we are looking into. We’ll be announcing distribution at San Diego Comic Con and we’ll be addressing concepts like this at our Fan Panel.

2. Will the figure bios be classic toy/mini-comic canon, MYP canon, or a mixture of the 2 in some new type of MOTUC canon?
They will be a mixture of Classic Mini Comics and MYP canon with a few extras thrown in to help kick off the direction and future character selection of the new MOTU Classics line. While the bios will help to establish continuity, we also want to use them as a vehicle to help push the line into new areas of the MOTU world that can be explored.

3. Will there be a licensing program in conjunction with the MOTUC line?
There are many possibilities for licensed product. We may announce some at SDCC this summer.

4. Are there any foreseeable character name trademark/copyright problems like with some of the characters in the 2002 toy line?
This is a touchy question to answer off the cuff because legal copyright issues come and go. We will do our best to keep fan’s up-to-date on the latest in character selection and naming conventions.

5. Will figures have their signature "tag-line" attached? ("Evil Lord of Destruction", "Most Powerful Man in the Universe", "Warrior Goddess")
Absolutely. All of the toy designers working on this line are huge MOTU fans and this was a detail we didn’t want to leave out.

6. Is there a possibility for the release of Fearless Photog, the winning entry in the design a figure contest back in the 80s?
For the launch we will be concentrating on characters who had toys in the 1980s or were in the 200X series. Photog may be on the back burner for a while. If there continues to be increased fan demand we will look into the feasibility of this character.

7. Since he was said to be considered for the MOTUC line, has anything been uncovered in regards to the Savage He-Man originally thought to be from Wonder Bread?
At this point we have not discovered information that can collaborate this promotion. ToyFare ran an article that uncovered no additional details. We also contacted the parent company of Wonder Bread and turned up nothing. If there are fans out there with any positive proof of a mail away Savage He-Man figure, Mattel would love to know! For the time being, our opinion is that this is some type of bootleg figure. But, since it is derived from MOTU, that doesn't mean we couldn't tackle this design look in the new MOTU Classics line if there is enough fan support.

8. Will He-Man once again have his classic cross symbol, or will it continue to feature the 2002 asterisk symbol?
He will have the classic cross.

9. Will King Grayskull be made available to fans outside of SDCC, or should fans be making arrangements for people to pick up extras at the show? (please help us avoid high eBay prices!)
If we do not sell out at the show we will find a way to make the remaining stock available through a reputable
online store. But the plan right now is to sell out at the show.

***JVS3 edit: Please click here for info on arranging a purchase of King Grayskull via another fan or possibly via me.

10. Is that MOTUC logo we saw at New York the final logo design?
A few changes have been made. Here is the final logo.

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