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Shipping to Canada or anywhere outside the US is gonna be pricey... Always has been, always will be unfortunately.

Now it'd be cool if Mattel International hopped onboard and distributed locally!
No clue though if that'll happen or not.

So I'm curious... What should be the price point of these figs?

I know what I'm willing to pay... As long as we get some sweet packaging and minicomics to go along with it...

What are you willing to pay? (maybe this could be a poll!)
Well I will have a problem if the total price is over $20

Shipping for this item should be somewhere between $6.75-8.00 for priority mail. That leaves room for the figure to be priced, i would like to see the figure price be about 9.99.

When it comes to all the figures selling out, i think that they should only make enough to last about 1 month, so then when there are figures that dont sell well they should discount them 50% at the end of the month then i would probably pick up a few more of them.