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Thread: SuperBowl Commercials..

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    SuperBowl Commercials..

    what was ur fav or worst ?

    i like the budweiser puppy, so cute.

    Lindsay lohan was FUN NY!!! haha

    oh and the black out one i forget who that was, but we all (at my party) were ticked off for a moment

    i HATED KIM K.. why is she everywhere? UGH!!! i'm soo SICK n tired of her n her fake ass. WHY are people still airing this porn chic? then superbowl? REALLY? WHY?

    the people who put her on should be banned from TV
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    I liked the dog one, of course. That one was my fav.

    I liked the "what is the internet?" that had me laughing.

    The Fiat blue pill was humorous

    I did not like all the daddy commercials it felt like they were trying to hard. I didnt like the "run like a girl" I didnt enjoy the dead kid one or the abuse ad either. Look, we all know the NFL sucks when it comes to rapists, dog fighters and men who beat their wives/girlfriends/random people/lovers but during the super bowl I don't need to be reminded. I just want a fun ride with bad superbowl food Thats all.
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    My fave was obviously The Voice commercial with my girl in a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome-inspired setting.

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    There were a few good/decent ones. I liked the Brady Bunch Snickers commercial with Danny Trejo. The internet one was good, and so was the dog one.

    Overall though, I was rather underwhelmed by this year's commercials. I'm not a football fan and neither is my wife. We only tune in for the commercials. In fact, we DVR it, wait until a couple of hours into the game, and then start watching it, fast forwarding past the game to watch the commercials... in other words the exact opposite of what we normally do when we DVR stuff to watch.

    There's always hits and misses, but even the best ones this year weren't spectacular in my opinion.

    A year from now I'm not sure that I'll remember any of these. But I still rember the Radio Shack commercial from last year with all of those 80s people/characters/references.

    Did anyone hear about that Go Daddy commercial that got pulled? They replaced it with a very bland bare bones commercial, but I'm glad that they pulled it. It was very similar to that other commercial that aired with the dog running home through all kinds of obsticales and so forth, but in this one, when the dog gets home, after the owners being initally excited to see him, they put up an ad on Go Daddy to sell the dog. That had leaked out early and people got so mad about it that they pulled it.

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    Budweiser Clydesdale and puppy
    Coca-Cola "Peace, Love, and Advertising"
    First Draft Ever/Avocados from Mexico
    Clash of Clans with Liam Neeson
    Fiat's blue-pill
    BMW "What is the Internet" with Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel

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    Nationwide "Make Safe Happen"
    Budweiser "Pac-Man"

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