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Thread: Blu-Ray/DVD, Streaming, or Digital - Which One Do You Use/Purchase?

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    Blu-Ray/DVD, Streaming, or Digital - Which One Do You Use/Purchase?

    It seems different people use/buy either Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital download, or Streaming, or a combination. Which do you use/purchase and why?

    I'm wondering what people prefer and why.
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    Bluray /dvd for me. Got to own the physical copy. Then i feel like i actually own it.

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    Bluray/DVD for me too. I am learning to prefer bluray, but either is fine.

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    Bluray with a digital download. Then I just watch the digital download on one of my iDevices and just catalog the physical copy. I've recently gotten into the habit of picking up the 3D copies in the hope of having a 3D tv someday...
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    DVDs for me. I like to have it physically as well.
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    Yeah, I'm still all about the DVD/Blu-Rays too. Sometimes I also do video-on-demand from my cable company but I prefer to have the physical copy and I do not have an ipod or ipad though the digital downloads are nice too.
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    Depends on the movie. I like to buy digital copies over renting now as it tends to run the same price. I had to buy Frozen digitally as it was the only way to get it in 3D. Most my other 3D movies I buy on blu ray. Kid movies I tend to buy digital copies of with the exception of Disney because I can ger them for under $5 that way and not have to worry about the kids scratching or breaking them. For Disney I join the movie club when they send me a really good offer then quit. After you get they send better offers to get you back. Makes it cheaper in the end. And I rarely buy DVD anymore. The last one I got was 2 Broke Girls Season 2 for my wife and it wasn't available on Blu Ray.

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    I mostly do digital streaming. I don't have the space to store a bunch of movies on physical media, and even if I did, I usually don't watch movies more than once, so paying $20+ for a movie isn't worth it to me. The only ones I own are the ones I either found for cheap that I know I want to watch, or movies that I really love and I know I will want to watch again. I used to really love going to Blockbuster and browsing through the movies and renting something, but Blockbuster doesn't really exist around me any more, so we mostly do digital rentals through Vudu. Paying $4 to watch a movie ain't so bad.
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    I buy DVDs since I have a dvd home theater system. I've slowly been buying DVD/Blu-ray bundles for newer releases to prepare for when my theater system finally stops working and I upgrade to a blu-ray theater system. But I am not buying all my dvd movies in blu-ray format. I have way too many dvds to do that and I am perfectly happy with the sound and picture quality of dvds..
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    Blu-Ray / DVD for me as I like to own a physical copy of my movies.

    Of course if they have the Ultraviolet code I will redeem them
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    Blu-ray/DVD. No streaming in my area unless you have satellite broadband (which is unreliable and rip-off priced).
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    Physical copy and Digital downloads. I don't know, maybe because I have short attention span and just jump right back to it whenever I need it.
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    DVDS(and VHS too I have a bunch of stuff that will never be on DVD)
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