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Thread: Which NA and POP figures do you want to see in MOTUC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oulala View Post
    Well as a kid it always irritated me that She-ra and her gals were not made the same style as He-man and the masters of the universe.
    The cartoons were very similar in style, but not the toys!

    Whereas the 4 horsemen can do the MOTU figures in a classic way, they're gonna have to rework on the POP characters a lot more than the MOTU characters in order for them to look cool together.

    So I think it's not really going to be faithful to the 1980's POP which were basically fashion dolls with action features.

    So I guess the sky's the limit in terms of redesigning them. Strongbow is the less difficult, he can be a reused MOTUC body with new head and garb.

    She-ra and Adora will have to be brand new sculpts. I guess Adora's arms and legs can be used on Teela and Evil Lyn. I do hope Mattel is not going to reuse too many parts. For example, I'm not worried when I see that some figures share the same torso, upper arms and upper legs. I'm a little nervous when I see they're reusing the same bracelets and boots for Mer-man and Zodak.
    LOL! The POP characters with Teela/Evil-Lyn/Sorceress legs and arms. THAT could be cool, tying POP to MOTU even better.

    Imagine 200X style redesigns for POP, where the 4H can REALLY get loose...

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    I'd like to see Catra, Frosta, Slushead, Optik and Sagitar. They are the 5 I really want (most of the NA heroes look bland, but Sagitar was the one I really remembered from childhood)

    I really want to know what the possibility of a He-Man in either Horde or Mutant Trooper armour, as he wore these in the cartoons, but not in the mini comics. It's probably a no.
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    Adora and She-Ra are kind of givens, so I'd go with:

    Bow (did he ever appear with the mustache outside the toon?).

    I sort of doubt we'll see much from NA with the one a month schedule, but main guys like Flipshot and Hydron from the good guys and Flogg and Slushhead from the baddies would be the top of my list.
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    well, PoP I don't even know too many, but all that appeared in Secret of the Sword I do want to get made for MotUC at some point! After all, there's a need for more female warriors on Eternia!! I know, Shadow-Weaver won't get made, because it's one of the Filmation-only-Characters, I don't know however which PoP-characters from Secret of the Sword also are and which appeared in Minicomics or so... She-Ra, Adora, Catra etc. are of course must-sees, but I'd also like to get Scorpia or Octavia, Frosta, Castaspella, Angela, Glimmer, Mermista, etc. Are they available for MotUC or are they Filmation-characters?

    To get to NA, it's easier for me to say since I grew up with a mix of lotsa classic MotU and a bunch of the at that time new NA-figures... I want them all - but all overly redesigned, so they look like MotU! I want NA-He-Man and NA-Skeletor to have just as many muscles as they used to have before NA "happened to them", I want a Tartarus that really looks massive and I want all the other NA-characters also with MUCH more muscles than they had in the nineties...

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