So it sounds like its not gonna happen. Bummer. Well...I want to fantasize a little bit:

New MotUC Figures based on 1987 Film!
He-Man w/ powersword, laser, cloth cape, removable armor
Man-at-arms w/heavy blaster, laser pistol, removable helmet & visor, grenades, and bucket of ribs!
He-Man on hover-board w/ grapple hook, powersword, and cosmic key
Teela w/ laser pistol
Gwildor w/ cosmic key, staff
Julie Winston w/ bottle of ammonia
Kevin Corrigan w/ keyboard
Lubic w/ pistol and shotgun
Skeletor w/ cloth cape, havoc staff, sword
God-Skeletor in gold w/ gold staff adn cloth cape
Evil-lyn w/ cloth cape, collar of alderon, scanner
Karg w/ knife and blaster
Blade w/ two swords, knives sheathed along legs and red whip
Saurod w/ laser pistol and retractable claws
Beastman with laser and real fur!
Trooper w/ large blaster w/ bayonet
Warlord w/ cloth cape and large blaster
Air centurion w/ hoverboard and blaster
Eternia guard w/ blaster

Playsets/vehicles! Why not?
Castle Grayskull throne room!
Skeletor's throne-vehicle
Evil-lyn's transport
Gwildor's customized car