***This thread is for people who don't like King Grayskull. Not for debating for or against. - JVS3***

Don't get me wrong. It is an awesome figure and everything, but I just don't care for the character. He is not one of the characters that I know and love and feel the need to have as one of these figures (best figures ever made by the way! Thank you Mattel finally complete perfection!).

It's sold out and everyone's going nuts over it and it doesn't even bother me in the least because he's not an original character to me. It's a MOTUC line. Keyword "Classics". What is King Grayskull to MOTU in your opinion? Does anyone feel the same as me? I'm going nuts over all the other characters obviously. But I just think they couldve went with something else to open this line up, especially when it's called "MOTU CLASSICS".

BTW, it's good to be back after like a year or so and I'll try to be around regularly if I have the time. I just had to check out the SDCC news though when I heard about what's coming out.

<3 MOTU!