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Thread: should skeletor come with keldor heads??

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    The keldor head could work...
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    To be honest, I wouldn't mind if Keldor was just forgotten entirely. I prefer Skeletor being a demon from Infinitia.

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    Like many who posted before me, I'd also prefer separate figures for Skeletor and Keldor. Keldor needs to have more human like limbs to be done correctly IMO. Long live MOTUC!!!

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    Maybe Skeletor will already have two heads - cardback skullface, and cartoon-esque skullface. And Keldor could be released as another retooled Exclusive next year.

    So, no one else who wants Skeletors battle axe? Mattel should even be able to produce it, since it was featured in the minicomics as well!
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    I don't really care for the whole "rip-off of every other villain ever" storyline for Skeletor. Just assume Skeletor be the king of all evil with no definative backstory.

    If they had to do a Keldor though, they could do him as a seperate figure... Make him a new character. No relation to Skeletor,

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    I think a Keldor head would be great. With the amount of reused parts, Iwould be stunned to see a differnt sculpt for Keldor. Besides, there is no way I could afford to buy an extra figure

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    I'm sure a "human" Keldor could easily be cobbled together from pre-existing (or shareable) parts from other figures, so a new head and possibly new armor would be the only new parts required.

    And that would be the ideal scenario for me.

    Failing that, I suppose I'd take a headswap, but it would be a neat little bonus, instead of a truly cool figure, and I'd likely never display the Keldor head on the Skelly body.

    The 200x Keldor, what with the extra paint details and a cape, was different enough from the normal Skeletor figure, but just a headswap would be very underwhelming IMO.

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    Man, I hope he doesn't. There are so many other awesome things that could come with him-- like Screech, or the axe, havoc staff, diamond ray of disappearance....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Reilly View Post
    I'd actually prefer an entirely new Keldor figure complete with retooled armor, boots, cape and hands. There's so many differences in his looks, I'd like to see them aknowledged.
    Me, too. That's exactly how I see it. Please not another Skeletor with just different head! I want an all-new Keldor!

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