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Thread: How to find out which KG you have without opening (xray machine)

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    Alright I will give it up. There is a code that is imprinted into the bottom of the Grayskull box and hard to see. The regular figure has the first 3 numbers as 158. The exclusive bronze has 153. Now I know that the 153 has always had a bronze figure, but there have been figures that are bronze found in the 158 boxes. 153 boxes are hard to find, my friend and brother both went through one case of figures each and did not find one. My friend did find one that had the 153 and it was a bronze. He found out through some exhibitors that were comparing the boxes, a Mattel person did confirm this difference, but as I have said there are 2 bronze figures that I know of that was in a 158 box.

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    ummm....all four of my KG have the 158 on them and 2 of them are the bronze. anyone else with a 153 box to confirm this?

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