Hey folks, I was trying to sell the collection as 1 lot, but I didn't have any luck, so I'm gonna break it up. Some of these figures look as if they JUST came out of their package, very nice condition. I have descibed the collection the best that I can. I will give any pictures you would like. I don't want to resort to ebay for these, would much rather sell it all here.

First, I have a wonderbread/savage he-man. He is very nice with tight joints.He has a couple small strange marks on his right hand, almost looks like it melted a little bit. He has a couple very small spots of paint rubs on his head, and a tiny bit on the edges of his feet, barely noticable. He is complete with the black armor and brown sword and axe. This is not a fake or custom figure, 100% authentic.

Ram-Man complete very nice has both silver wristbands in tact

Stratos complete blue wings/red pack very nice, tight joints, Taiwan version

meckaneck complete nice and tight joints, only paint wear is on edges around feet, mexico

man at arms complete, super super mint, tight joints, taiwan

fisto complete, super super mint

buzz off only missing axe, has wings & helmet, some paint wear on feet

zodak complete very very little paint wear on tips of feet, but mint, taiwan

teela complete, red hair version, small peice on top of armor that goes behind hair is split, otherwise very nice

he-man ver.1 w/soft head complete, very nive, tight joints, taiwan

battle armor he-man complete, very very mint, taiwan

thunder punch he-man complete w/4 cap rings, mint mint, tight joints

orko rip cord only, good shape

Faker ver.1 w/soft head missing chest sticker, otherwise complete and mint, tight joints

evil lyn complete, super super mint

webstor only has gun+hook, not string and end. Has everything else

clawful complete, very mint, only paint wear is on tips of toe's, hong kong

trap jaw only has belt, figure is tight, but small loop on his helmet is broken off

beast man missing 1 armband, little paint wear on his face, tight joints, taiwan

tri klops no sword, figure is ok, some paint wear, mexico

spikor complete, mint, very tight joints, malaysia

jitsu complete, super super mint, tight joints, hong kong

two bad complete flat back ver., nice condition

screech missing perch, has base and armor

skeletor complete 1/2 boot ver, vert nice, very little paint wear on face and feet

battle armor skeletor no sword, has staff, super super mint, mexico

dragon blaster skeletor complete, super super mint, has everything, mexico

grizzlor complete, mint, tight joints

mantenna complete, only has tiny spot of paint wear on 1 eye, otherwise mint mint, tight joints

hordak complete, red ribs & red bat version, rare, mint tight joints, malaysia

moduok complete, mint mint

leech complete, tiny spot of paint wear on belt, otherwise mint, tight joints

spydor complete
roton complete
landshark missing 1 gun
stridor complete
attack track missing seat belt
battle ram, has one missle
battle bones complete
dragon walker complete

Frieght Zone complete, puppet has some rips, tree has no broken limbs, mint

Snake Mountain-1 chain broken, bridge has a couple breaks. Includes a very nice box, great for display, only has mattel point cut out of back, super nice graphics on all sides

Castle Grayskull 1st version with no slot for the laser cannon, also has different cannon base. Missing 2 weapons, halberd and tall axe, and a couple cardbourd inserts, has computer insert. The long peg on the jawbridge is broken, and 1 peg on weapon rack.otherwise nothing broken. Includes a very very nice box. No rips or tears, very well cared for over the years, awesome for display, great graphics on all sides.