Here's a thought that just hit me.
(Hey, I'm a little slow sometimes. Especially when my mind is drunk on Green Goddess-ness.)

What if we're only getting 10 new characters a year because they decide to do a He-Man and Skeletor variant each year?

How do you feel about that?

Me personally?
I think I'd be okay with some variants. Battle Armor variants for sure because they looked so cool... But would I want them every year? Probably not. I wouldn't mind them every other year though.
They absolutely would make perfect Con Exclusives.
The other thing is, if this line doesn't really rely on, or feature gimmicks or action features, then what good is Thunder Punch He-Man other than he has a unique harness?
But then Terror Claws Skeletor would be really cool, as would Dragon Blaster.
And these all definitely fall in the "Classics" Mantra.

But please... Do not bring back the 200X variants for the most part. We don't want to bring up the bad tastes of the Smash blade variants.

However, an Ice Armor He-Man and a Fire Armor Skeletor could look rather neat in the retro-style...