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Varients? no thanks.

BA he-man would be pointless unless you could make the dents on his chest, & thunder punch would be redundant if it didn't have the ''thunder''.

I for one had my fill of varients from the last toyline. i'd rather just have accessory packs rather than shell out another $20 for a varient of a character i already have. that, i won't do.

another thing that bothers me is the sheer pointlessness of varients in the first place. If he-man is the most powerful man in the universe, why would he need special armor & other weapons in the first place? they apparently don't make him any more powerful than he already is, or he wouldn't be called the MOST powerful man in the universe.
i could see Skeletor making various weapons & gadgets to help him try to defeat He-man, but He-man is already as strong as he can get, so he doesn't need any of that other stuff to stop Skeletor & his goo

they've made enough varients the last time to last a lifetime. i like my 2002 he-man and ''Keldor'' figures, which are perfection to me. i'd never need another figure of those two for as long as i live.
I'd much rather have all the various characters made first, and then if the line is still going; add a couple varients.

As for making a HM or skeletor varient each yr, not needed. very pointless imo. only do that if they want the line to end real fast like last time. get all the characters made first, then do a few other varients. since they reuse parts, i guess they're all varients in a sort of way.

the only varients they would need to make imo, would be an 80's version & myp version for each character. If they did that, i'd buy both versions.
I tottaly agree with every thing you said.