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Thread: He-Man and Skeletor Variant Discussion (Battle Armor, Thunder Punch, etc; all brands)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weasel View Post
    If we could only get one of those two sets, I'd go for the Laser powered figures. Mainly because I'll never be able to afford the vintage figures.

    Me too.

    Plus, NA Skele might be a pack-in with LL Slele, and LP He-Man doesn't need that pack-in. So those two could end the variants, and we'd get more original figures.

    They could just release an accessory pack (not a weapons pack) to let us create these with our existing figures.

    You'd get a little saw blade, a backpack attached to a sword, some big claws, etc. A few odds and ends for boot treatments, but they could do it.
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    Laser He-Man is boring, and Laser Skelly is NA Skelly with a light up gimmick. So scrub them. Give us TC and FF if they must, skip Laser He-Man entirely, and release NA Skelly with two heads to create both looks.

    That said, that's only if I was forced to do more variants. He-Man only REALLY needs Snake Armor, and I'm pretty much Skeletor varianted out.
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    TC Skelli...

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    Flying Fists and Terror Claws. Never cared about the lasers

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    Quote Originally Posted by nerdcore View Post
    Assuming that the line would get just 1 more set of He-Man/Skelletor variants, between LL or TC/FF what do you prefer?
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    LL versions for me as well, I would like the TC Skele, never really liked FF HM. I will take what they give me though!

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    Laser power. They're the holy grail of the vintage line, (in terms of rarity) and IMO terror fists just don't have that much going for them!
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    I'd go with LL HM/Skeletor also, but only if Dare isn't still on the table as a potential He-man variant.
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    Terror Claws.
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    Terror Claws and Flying Fists, easy choice!

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    both sets

    I will gladly purchase both sets. The figures I never had as a kid are all the more sweeter.
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    Laser Power He-Man and Laser Light Skeletor

    - The vintage figures are rare and cost a fortune making them difficult to acquire
    - Mattel might be able to get away with making a Dolph Lundgren head for LP He-Man (we have Val Kilmer so why not Dolph?)
    - LL Skeletor’s head would look awesome and seriously fierce sculpted by the 4H
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    I say just release a standard He-Man and Skeletor buck with a set of each of the 2 armours so we can choose which one to display them with.
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