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Thread: Who would be up for a.....

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    Who would be up for a.....

    ......Unemployed Skeletor figure

    Exclusive, build a figure, whatever! The guys a legend and I'd certainly snap him up. Would Mattel be able to do this?

    But on a wider scale, do you think Mattel would ever consider making fan created characters? As this is a collectors line im sure they'd get interest. Copperhead or Po-Lar anyone?
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    I mean yea it would be cool and weird at the same time.
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    I really don't see that happen...! Fun idea though, I give you that!

    And other fan-created characters I don't see coming in a really, really long time...

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    I don't find him funny. Maybe the first time I saw him I thought his act was humorous, now I just find him pathetic. If they ever made a figure of him I'd be pretty ****ed. It would be such a waste.

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