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Thread: New Adventures of He-man in MOTUC???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Latveria View Post
    Why do you call someone close minded simply for not liking something you like? Some people simply don't like certain products. In the case of NA, there are many MOTU fans who don't like them. That doesn't make them close minded, that makes them have different tastes. Not wanting to lose a month in a limited release line to a character from a line that you don't enjoy isn't close minded, it's being rational. The same holds true for those who don't like POP or 200x. I happen to love 200x and think it's the best incarnation of MOTU out there but not all agree. I don't consider that a sign that the others are close minded, it's simply a sign of different tastes and preferences.
    There are plenty of fans who don't like POP, NA or 200X without having seen a single figure in the MOTUC style. How many people here bash POP because the original figures were girly? Doesn't mean that the MOTUC versions of the characters will be the same as the originals, but people don't seem to consider this. Instead of wait and see, it's judge based on originals, even though the new versions might be a different animal.

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    Personally, The New Adventures Of He-Man brings back bad memories for me ... it was the moment I realised that the old He-Man that I loved so much was gone and in it's place was a confusing, different and awkward new universe and cartoon series (o.k. so I was like 7 when I first saw NA, but it hit me hard!) ... I just remember turning on the T.V. and not understanding why the classic MOTU had gone and a new one had taken over ...

    So, for this nostalgic/coming-of-age reason ... I have said NO!!!

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    i love that the story is merging with n/a. the toys are going to be awesome.
    i'm in big support of n/a.

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    I mostly agree with Captjhan and tmc184 (especially concering the cartoons etc.). Yet, I voted yes. Allow me to nuance that a bit: I wouldn't mind not getting any NA figure (though I do have and do like Optikk). But I try to think of the fans who really, sincerely like the show and the figures. I say: share the wealth. (But to be honest: I want a Stinkor before we get a Slushhead, sorry, no offense ;-))
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    I voted "yes".

    Though I dont particularly want most of them, they deserve to be in this line.

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    NA He-Man MOTUC style will come true sooner or later i'm most positive about that

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    Looking back at the cartoon, they weren't that bad, just not what I knew. Loved the art direction, and the villains were right in line with MOTU style. I would like more figures from NA to show up from time to time, especially the females (Drissi, Mara), Sorceress, Sebrian, and Caz.

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    A resounding YES! So glad they're all on the way!

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