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Thread: Who should publish new mini-comics or a new regular series?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    It's kind of similar to what Lee Nordling said they did back with the classic minis.
    Was Lee Nording that guy you and I spoke to who was very chatty?

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    I've only talked to Lee via the phone, so I'm guessing no.

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    It has to be Val and Emiliano. It'd be a veritable slap in the face seeing otherwise as we excitedly opened our new figures. We already have a great deal of love and the highest respects for their work. Hiring anybody but them would be a sad sad taint to the line.

    Is there some sort of formal petition we can sign or something, or maybe we need a fund raiser so we can hire the right people to strong arm them in to understanding how important this is?

    Seriously though. I hope they do decide mini comics are the way to go, because that would be awesome. And if they think things through, it would surely be an easy decision.

    good luck guys

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    I absolutely want mini-comics to be included with the figures. As a kid, opening up those packages and enjoying a new and relevant story about my freshly opened figure was a big part of the experience (and one I remember very fondly). I would be extremely excited to have that opportunity again.

    Obviously, I would want any such venture tackled by our own Val, Emiliano and the rest of the MVC crew.

    No company, group or publishing house could possibly compete with the level of understanding, love, or familiarity with the property as these guys. They have a fundamental grasp of MOTU, what it is and was, though all its incarnations and know what works, what doesn’t, and what fans want.

    And that’s what MOTUC is all about – going back to the roots and cherry-picking the very best of the He-Man mythos. Another entity might produce a fun comic, but it would be “their” idea of He-Man. I want the comics handled by someone who knows what He-Man is, at its most basic level, and can, and will, consistently deliver what the fans want.

    So, Mattel: How about those mini-comics?

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    Mvc all the way!

    Not sure if this has been brought up, but why not make monthly series mini comics? Could the two formats be combined? I think an ongoing mini-comic story would be GREAT. And the VERY first mini's (that most people seem to want to go back to) didn't JUST focus on the figure they came with--that came later when they got more cookie-cutterish.

    And that's one of the things I thought MYP did an AMAZING job on; indtroducing new characters and giving them origins while still building a bigger, overall story.

    And I think that if there were a comic with each figure that wasn't self contained but part of a bigger ongoing tale would just be one more thing that would encourage people to buy the next figure so they could find out what happens, and every little bit of that helps!
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    There's no one else -- gotta be Val and Emiliano.

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