It's a major drawback for me. Allthough I voted: I would be more interested in MotUC if they did not reuse parts." because I will get them anyways. I think it's a cheap way to produce figures with a steep pricetag.

I don't get the nostalgic feel of production restrictions of the 80's. For me the nostalgic feel lies in the original figures which I allready have. It just feels like a huge step back and I am really surprised people are going with it.

I agree with Lioncourt on this...

That and what MegaGearMax said before:

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Negative for right now.

I understand that MOTUC doesn't have the budget or resources of a "real" retail toyline, but compared to what we've got and what we're used to now, re-using parts makes them look extremely cheap, nostalgia be damned. I'm used to Moss Man being composed of vines and all sorts of plant matter now, not a flocked Green Beastman. I'm used to MAA, Snout Spout and Meckaneck wearing meched out armor now, not spandex bodysuits. I dunno...maybe if they made reuses canon, depicting EVERYONE, even background characters wearing the bracelets, furry boots and underwear like that was a planetwide style...

When the 4H re-did MOTU, they recreated them in a very sensible and grown-up style, which was great because it matched our grown up mentalities. MOTU had grown with us. Most of their ideas rocked, some didn't. Now mere re-colored clones of original characters had their own unique sculpts. The detail and thought that went into the design on EACH figure was astounding. Going back to reused parts seems like a huge step down.

MOTUC isn't a line to sleep on though. Going from the 8 back, we'll have new versions of old characters that we haven't seen least until we get to Mekaneck (past the Barbarian He-Man Alcala/Texiera era) and the 1985 and onward characters whose art was basically like the toy. Then we might be looking at basically the 80's toys only with modern articulation.

POP and NA characters will be shots of fresh air because they are done in this style. POP characters will seem like NEW MOTU characters PERIOD, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing those characters (that is IF they start looking more MOTU-ish with the furry boots and Teela/Evil-Lyn bracelets), especially if they had different sculpts, but since they weren't MOTU characters, they might as well be new. And NA characters do have unique sculpts but were scrawny looking, so any added muscle mass would work wonders.