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  • Start at the beginning, like the original line is doing

    8 8.00%
  • Articulate the Stactions first

    15 15.00%
  • Work on characters who were never figures or stactions

    60 60.00%
  • Start from the end (He-ro 200X) and work toward the beginning

    11 11.00%
  • Other

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Thread: If we did get 200X versions of MOTUC, where do we start?

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    If we did get 200X versions of MOTUC, where do we start?

    Say, if Mattel reveals that they are re-doing 200X characters in the MOTU style, without the anime influences, where should they start from first?

    Start at the beginning, like the original line is doing?
    Articulating the Stactions?
    Start from the end (200X He-ro) and work toward the beginning?
    Some old 200X characters and some new 200X characters?

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    If they would use characteristics from the 200x line in the MOTUC style I'd be very happy. King Grayskull is the perfect example imo. Merman looks like he'd fir in too btw.

    Therefore I'd say just do the characters that didn't have a proper 200x version like Mossman or Spikor.
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    Agreed Neo. The characters that didn't see a release is where it should be.

    And those characters that are entirely new, like Faceless One, Dekker and Hawk.

    A Teela-Na wouldn't be shabby either. ^^

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    Oops, that one vote was me. I just really want to see He-ro, i saw his name and got excited.

    But yeah, he could just be first in line w/ the never produced guys, that'd be perfect-o! And then Spikor, his design was sweetness.

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    You just had to mention Dekker! that guy is awesome!

    Start with He-ro, to appease the old school guys but then we could get a decent King Hiss to fight him Followed shortly by a 200X articulated Hordak

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    No brainer for me...articulate the stactions first. If I buy the MotUC figures, I want to be able to play with them with my kids. You cant play with stactions. Sooo...I so want a Hordak, Stinkor, and the rest from the 2002 line that were not released as action figures yet. The ones that weren't done as statctions yet are your lesser-tier characters so I really dont care about them. I am so jonesing for a 2002 Hordak action figure, you have no idea.
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    I didn't collect the Stactions because I always felt those should be action figures.

    I do not collect statues, those characters simply MUST be done first.

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    Just do the ones that never had figures made.
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    Start with Moss Man and the other characters that didnt get made then the stactions and then the others.
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    I'm with the characters who never got a figure or were only stactions.
    I want that Clawful & those Horde members BAD!

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    They should do characters that were never figures or stactions.
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    "Work on characters who were never figures or stactions" - how else would a 2Kx-Fan get to complete his collection as far as characters are concerned?

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    One of my biggest regrets about the 200X/Staction line was never getting to see that amazing Scareglow...

    Also, I would kill for a Shadow Weaver in the 200X style like the one Emiliano designed.

    I voted for starting with characters that didn't make the staction line, just to get the last few big ones out, like Scareglow, Spikor, and Modulok, Then mix and match with unreleased/staction characters.
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    Necrothreading like this is so disconcerting because the original question is so out of date it is no longer relevant. 200x has been lovingly merged into the classics line in a number of ways, and recklessly abandoned in others. We're getting new characters from the show as classics figures, and elements from the 4horsemen sculpts incorporated into the classic versions of the main characters where applicable. The only thing we won't get are the individualized armor and differently styled heads, much to my chagrin.

    Still, question answered in the fullness of time.
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    this is a good question & poll.
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    I think releasing a 200x Teela is a good way to get her out again for fans.
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