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Thread: MOTUC Resolute?

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    I'd like to see a He-Man cartoon done with savage barbarian action. BUT, I wouldn't want to see the main characters dying off. Are you familiar with Marvel's Punisher? He doesn't have a rogues gallery on account of his way of dealing with the bad guys. I'd like to see slashes, blood, stitches, & stab wounds on main characters & the "red shirts" can get dismembered, crushed, shot, & all other manner of taking out ones enemy.

    Wouldn't that be sweet to see Skeletor take out Kronis in animation? That was a violent battle.

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    I'd say about the level of violence you see in the MYP show or JLU.
    I would love it if Mattel made some new Web content like Hasbro is doing.

    Quote Originally Posted by oICEMANo View Post
    The violence level of the Texeira comics is enough for me. Kill those royal guards!!
    Agreed. Violence and gore are two different things. I like Conan but MOTU isn't Conan.

    Quote Originally Posted by Power Sword View Post
    I'd like to see a He-Man cartoon done with savage barbarian action. BUT, I wouldn't want to see the main characters dying off. Are you familiar with Marvel's Punisher? He doesn't have a rogues gallery on account of his way of dealing with the bad guys. I'd like to see slashes, blood, stitches, & stab wounds on main characters & the "red shirts" can get dismembered, crushed, shot, & all other manner of taking out ones enemy.

    Wouldn't that be sweet to see Skeletor take out Kronis in animation? That was a violent battle.
    with villains that level of abuse is acceptable. If the heroes have to use the weapons they wield, let them cut loose on Horde Troopers and Skeleton warriors.

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    a little blood kept tasteful but nothing kill bill.

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    absolutely yes we should! I've always been a fan of a conan themed He-man and the actual use of the weapons they carried. I know by seeing a lot of anime you can create stunning and powerful visuals without all the blood and gore but a more realistic approach would be welcome. I mean this new classic line is focusing on us as adult collectors and from what I've seen the figures are reminiscent of the alcala drawings. I would love to see it personally but I think it's best for fan projects and bishijou if you know what I mean.

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    look at samurai films and westerns... back then you carry a weapon for survial and protection...

    you practice to become better and you have different feuding nations...
    yeah you are gonna have some injuries and deaths if you have fights...but alot of times there are duels and jousts also where skill is important...wars were not the guerilla affairs we know them today...

    i think it be interesting to see a castle seige of grayskull....not just these minor fights but the major characters as generals not just lowly minions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Atkin View Post
    "The Dark Knight" movie didn't need to show a drop of blood at all to make an impact. It was one of the most intense movies I have ever seen. No reason He-Man should be any different. I don't want to see blood in any of the cartoons.
    So, Skeletor can slam a pencil through Buzz-Off's forehead as long as we don't see the blood?? Or, he can have Stinkor and Whiplash fight to the death with broken pool sticks to see who gets to join him on a mission as long as it cuts to another scene??
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    I love the stories of Robert E. Howard.

    I love the earlier mini-comics from MOTU, back when it reminded me of a more primitive, barbarian world of adventure, peril, and danger. He-Man then, at least to me, had a certain 'Conan' vibe to him. I'd love MOTU to be taken in a Howard-esque direction. And just because some of Skeletor's minions would die, wouldn't make necessarily make me sad or value their figures any less. I'd even let Skeletor bite the dust in an ultimate, final story. Kinda like a Xaltotun, or Numedides.

    Sex, though, is sort of unneeded but could be used sparingly and with taste.

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    The new comics were already a bit more violent. I would like a bit more realism
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    "Yea! Eternians carry weapons for a reason..." - no moment of doubt.

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    if its done in good taste . i dont want to see gallons and gallons of blood
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    Yes! I love this poll! Yeah, there should totally be more "content" in the saga. But, it's never fun to have your own favorite secondary character get murdered or slayed in battle. It's a slippery slope.

    Perhaps a new storyline where only MY least favorite characters get killed? THAT would be the way to go (I'm lookin' at you, Elephant Head!)...!

    Seriously, good idea. A MOTU Resolute style mini-series would definitely be on par with this toyline. I actually imagine it as more of an Origins story, since we've got King Grayskull, He-Ro, and Hordak in a very cool storyline, and since both heroes die, THAT would be cool to see...

    ***BROTOOKMYFIGS: Good ideas, I agree w/ everything you said.

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    I don't mind seeing a little more blood on screen. Heck even the original He-man cartoon showed more violence then 200x. I'm all for it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaViper View Post
    I don't mind seeing a little more blood on screen. Heck even the original He-man cartoon showed more violence then 200x. I'm all for it!!
    How did you come that conclusion?
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    Eamon makes a great point. MYP is the best 'action oriented' iteration of MOTU we've gotten.

    but that's not to say I wouldn't want to see it as an 'alternate take' on the whole mythos.

    I voted yes.

    anybody who claims Filmation's He-Man was more violent than 200X has only seen one of them.

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    I would like to see violence used more, but not X-TREEM! violence a lot. I would like to see good sword fights with a lot of the major characters walking away with minor injuries some times. I would like to see more injuries, cuts, bruises, and other battle damage in a new MOTU series. I'd also like to see more cannon fodder get taken out on both sides.

    I think the ruthlessness of many of the villains in MOTU has been fairly held back. This doesn't mean I want the villains to overpower and slaughter everyone, not at all. But I would like to some of the fights amped up with greater injuries and conflicts.
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    I voted for it. The base MOTU audience is older now, why not open this thing up the way it could be. I think the options get it right... They carry weapons, not tools, not toys. If He-Man and Skeletor finally waged a bloody war the way I'd always envisioned, I'd be on board.

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    I dont mind having a cartoon a little bit more graphic...maybe in the same vein as Hulk vs Wolverine, maybe? Just nothing too extreme or graphic.

    We dont need nudity or even foul language. MOTU is not that kind of cartoon IMO.

    And dont say Dark Knight wasnt graphic. It had a man running around with half his face burned off with exposed bone. LOL. Now that gave ME the willies.
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    I wouldn't enjoy watching he-man taking an axe to marzo or anyone else's face.

    However, I don't believe in dumbing down violence to the extent modern kid's tv has to abide by.

    When I was a kid I LOVED the movie fire and ice. It kept everything real and as a child, I handled that and understood the dangers of sticking a speak through a man's neck. Even as a kid I'd see the lead girl and feel strangely compelled to gawp

    I think with MOTU, the violence should be handled very tastefully. the core fan base is between 20 and 30 and mattel knows that now. However, I think it would break many fan's hearts to see their childhood hero drenched in blood while he chops the arms off everyone standing in his way.
    I'd like violence in MOTU to be handled like it is in final fantasy advent children complete. Keep it to a minimum, but don't be shy to show a little blood to tell the story properly
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    I like the MYP level of violence. I think its dumb to kill off characters from a toy line "ie Lady Jaye ". It really does nothing for me. They are fleshing them out a little to much already IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    G.I. Joe is doing it...

    So, is anyone up for a PG-13 direct to DVD or webisodes of MOTUC?

    Anyone wish to see Evil Warriors, Snake Men and Horde members mangling Eternian guards? Wanna see He-Man finally use his axe or put an enemy to the sword? Are you up for characters actually being wounded--by stab wounds or tooth and claw? Howzabout characters having more lethal powers or using them in more lethal ways? We grew up, should MOTU?

    Does MOTU need sex, blood and gore? (It worked for Conan...) Or should MOTU stay a bloodless fantasy?
    I'd be up for a more mature / PG-13 MotU, but I can't say I think it needs it.

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    Heroic Warrior BuzzOff1981's Avatar
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    At first watch, I really liked GI Joe Resolute. Then, after it settled I realized it did nothing for the GI Joe universe. It was violent for violence sake. The original cartoons relied on story-telling and character development, much like MOTU. And the main characters stood for something, which I believe makes them more interesting in the long run.

    That being said, I would love to see a new MOTU that returned to its roots and went deeper. I'd have no problem with it looking and feeling darker (like the purple skies of the Filmation cartoon) but I think needless bloodshed would get old after a short while.

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    Heroic Warrior vadersfist's Avatar
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    I'm on the fence about that because it would be cool to see it just like the Joes resolute but then again I'd still like the orginality of it but who knows, it could be cool both ways.
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    The REAL Mo-Larr yodafreakmaster's Avatar
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    The idea is VERY intriguing to be sure. I would buy any incarnation that came about but I do agree with many posts that blood and guts really is not needed for MOTU. I loved the action and mild violence of the 200X MOTU!! This is coming from a guy who owns literally hundreds of "R" rated movies. There is a place for this stuff, but not in MOTU

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    Title Not Available upinout202's Avatar
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    I voted "other".

    I wouldn't mind seeing deaths, etc.. But only if they are essential to the plot.

    Blood, guts and violence just for the sake of it would be a huge turn off. Even the myp toon had way too much violence, to the point where, in my opinion, the story and character development took too much of a side seat. I would rather not repeat that.

    so yay for deaths/violent scenes where they serve a purpose in the story, but nay to needless guts & gore that are only there for sh*ts and giggles.

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    Heroic Warrior PaulPjas's Avatar
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    Hell no, I gotta say I wouldnt wanna see this atall. Don't turn something that was intended for kids into vilolence of that level like that...I always like the way they've dealt withviolence in MOTU plus theres already waaaaaaay too much Violence and blood shed in the world today.

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