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1. For characters who were in both the classic toy line / mini-comics and the MYP cartoon, which style will you use for the new figures?
(eg: Queen Marlena)

All of the figures in the new MOTU Classics line will have a look that is an homage to the original toy lines form the 1980s. Characters like Marlena who did not have a toy will be designed to look like an update if she did have a toy in the 1980s. Exactly what her look will be has yet to be determined.

2. Will the figures have removable body armor or accessories like the vintage toy line? (eg: belts, arm bands, wings, etc)

3. With the announcement of an online store only, will there be chase variants? If so, will we be able to order them separately or will we have to order multiples of one figure with the hopes that one of them will be the chase variant?
From SDCC 2008, it sounded like fans do not want chase figures in this line. If the figures take off, we will look at doing repaints as an additional figure per month in time.

4. Do the licensing problems you have with the Filmation characters apply to the New Adventures of He-Man cartoon as well or is it possible for NA characters to show up in this line that were never toys?
Only the NA characters who were made as toys in the 1980s are currently available for the new MOTU Classics line.

5. To help put out more characters faster, would it be possible for smaller figures such as Orko and Gwildor to be pack-ins as accessories with other figures?
This is something we are looking into but do not have details to announce yet.

6. Will Mattel's new online-webshop have a "Collector's Club" for just MOTU or in general? If so, what sort of benefits could we expect from such a club? will offer exclusive toys, photo galleries and news for many of Mattel’s current, past and upcoming toy lines including DC Universe, CARS and MOTU Classics.

7. If the bodies are going to be shared, does this eliminate the potential for size variation between figures? If not, how much size variation could we expect?
The current plan is for all characters to be 6” in scale much like all the figures from the classic line were in the same scale.

8. If the online store sells out of the stock produced for a figure, will Mattel make more? Otherwise, will Mattel consider telling us the production run of each figure so we know how quickly we need to order?
It is too early for us to comment on this precisely. If we do sell out of key characters quickly it is likely we will go back into production but change the packaging slightly to keep the character collectable. (think of it as a “second printing”) Our goal is to make sure all MOTU collectors can get these new figures.

9. Since a new figure will come out once a month, How far in advance and how often will Mattel release news of upcoming product?
About 3 to 4 months. A new upcoming figure will be revealed on the 1st of every month just as a new figure will go on sale on the 15th.

10. Is there any chance of a MOTUC/DCUC crossover with a 2-pack or something else? (eg: Superman / He-Man)
Not in the immediate future but we are looking into this.


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