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  • No! He should have normal strength for a man of his size.

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Thread: Should He-Man have super strength in the new canon?

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    He should be strong--maybe like how Superman is portrayed in modern day (or at least the 90s--the new Superman seems weaker).
    But, part of me would like to see him do something stupid strong once in a while too (I guess if he gets angry,etc...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    I'd rather keep on having him prove that he's The Most Powerful Man in the universe, rather than it be the given like Filmation did.
    I like this. the way I justified the filmation stuff, is his power is limited only by his belief. I'm not saying we go with that 100% but it explains why he can punch through steel but also not punch a hole in a person. his will won't allow him to punch that hard against a living being. but i like him being challenged. Evil is over confident, good tends to 2nd guess itself a lot, so though he-man is the most powerful man in the universe, because he won't be a dictator (see the star seed) its hard to see himself being more powerful than the forces of evil, because evil puts on a such a destructive display of power. not saying I want he-man to have no confidence or even be conflicted by his self esteem too much, but the lengths that evil will go through the ferocity of the villains should shake him at times. Batman is one of the top 4 martial artists in the DCU, he is one of the top 3 smartest men in the DCU, but Joker challenges him, why because joker's mind and his level of evil disrupts what batman is about. i think the same thing should apply with he-man vs others in a way.
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    I'm cool with He-Man having superhuman strength such as ripping a tank apart with his bare hands. But it should remain consistent and he should have limitations which includes his endurance.

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    Definitely in the middle. The issue with giving him too much strength or invincibility is like Superman, you take suspense out of adventures because there's no real fear of death. Yes, deep down all really good heroes have to have real sense of their own mortality, otherwise then the actions they undertake are not truly heroic. They are not death defying, they are not self sacrificing, the greatest odd to overcome and biggest price to pay i.e. their own life aren't on the table, and thus there is no real drama. Life and Death struggles against foes which could destroy him if he doesn't take his battles with the utmost seriousness.

    Yes, He-Man should be strong, definitely one of the strongest guys around. But I think there should be guys stronger than him in terms of physical strength. Ram Man for example. I always pictured him as the real Juggernaut type bruiser of the Masters. Stronger than He-man yes, able to soak up more damage yes, but that doesn't make him the "most powerful".

    There's far more to He-man being the "most powerful man in the universe" than just his strength or his toughness. It's his unique combination of Strength, Intelligence, Durability, Speed, Agility, and Wisdom that sets him apart. And he should have to pull from all those facets to defeat his enemies not just out power them.

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    i want to see the power of grayskull. superhuman but still vunerable. like spiderman

    spidey is crazystrong but you still can see him as acessible and it never overshadows the character.

    actually they could focus on it a bit more but that is the direction.

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