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Thread: New Book: "He-Man's Guide to Mastering Your Universe" (March 15, 2016)

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    New Book: "He-Man's Guide to Mastering Your Universe" (March 15, 2016)

    Saw this while browsing on Amazon -

    From the description:

    "With tongue planted firmly in cheek, He-Man’s Guide to Mastering Your Universe is an entertaining, enlightening, and empowering resource for pop culture aficionados of all ages looking to harness their inner power. In this fully authorized and empowering guide, everyone’s favorite toys-cum–television icons provide readers with tips, tricks, and techniques on how to navigate office romances, pick the right outfit for the right occasion, get the job you want, accept your friends for who they are, deal with bullies, keep the peace among your relatives, and even how to work out. Within these pages, readers see how the adventures of He-Man, Skeletor, She-Ra, Man-at-Arms, Evil-Lyn, Orko, and others show fans of all ages the right and extraordinarily wrong ways to navigate any obstacles that may be in their way. Whether it’s dealing with a difficult roommate, talking to your parents about your future plans, or saving your friends from a magical burning pit of certain death, He-Man’s Guide to Mastering Your Universe has all the answers you need to succeed.Thanks to its multitude of dynamic characters and rich fantasy and science fiction storytelling, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe have resonated with fans for more than thirty years. When Prince Adam holds his sword aloft and recites his oath "I have the power!" he magically transforms into He-Man, hero of Eternia and an inspiration to all. Now, for the first time, all of the wry wit and wisdom gleaned from He-Man’s adventures are collected into one practical, and practically hilarious, volume."

    Publisher is Universe...never heard of them before, can anyone vouch for the quality of similar works (if they exist)?

    Hope this is news and I'm not just late to the party.
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    Awesome book!
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    I have never seen that before and i think it´s not an official book. I´m not an expert but the cover looks a but blurry and self-made but we need to wait for a review to see what genre it really is
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    It is from the same publishers as the wall calendar.

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    It sounds funny!
    "I wouldn't be surprised if this movie has Adam as a skinny nerd from Earth battling another skinny nerd-hacker from Earth that used an alias of Keldor. They then enter Tron-style to a cyber world called Eternia, where they control muscle-bound avatars to battle (called He-Man and Skeletor). And these same avatars come to life and continue to battle in present-day Earth." - VZX

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    I generally speaking do not like parodies of this type. Things like the Onion, John Stewart's Earth, History of the 80's (published in the 70's), ect.

    If it is written in the style of genuine lessons and philosophy from the eyes of the characters, and not just simple jokes, I would be into it.

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    This just seems strange to me.

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    Haha, sounds awesome! Self-help book by the Most Powerful Man in the Universe? I'll take it!
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    I'm wondering if this book might be a print edition of the posts made on the He-Man Facebook page.
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    I'm not sure I understand this book. That's why I didn't jump on it yet. Seems a bit odd. Not sure it's something to have in the collection if it's based on ridiculousness. At least the calendar has great filmation art, the mini comic and the other book is full of useful information. I'll have to keep this in the air til we can get a bit more grasp on the point of this book.

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    That can't be legit. It sounds like a eh well I won't say.
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