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Thread: non motu vehicles that work with motuc ?

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    non motu vehicles that work with motuc ?

    I was wondering has anyone found a line of inscale or close to inscale vehicles that work well with motuc ? I'm not talking like the 200x line or anything like that but vehicles from other lines ? I know from collecting gi joe theres lots out there that can cross over for the 4" scale but I've never seen much to crossover with for the MOTUC ? anyone got pics to share too ?

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    If you're interested in non-MOTU vehicles that could work with MOTUC, I'd recommend getting some Big Jim vehicles. Since most of those figures are scaled closely to Action Men, they'll fit your MOTUC figures with some ease.

    If you want something a little cheaper, I could also recommend getting some Action Man vehicles [such as the Croc Attack figure, which could be repurposed into a Land Shark-esque vehicle, the Super Turbo, or the Sahara 4X4].

    Finally, since it's been established the Monogram MOTU vehicles [such as the Roton, Attak-Trak and Talon Fighter] can accommodate MOTUC figures, I'd check out the Revel Black Top Warriors and Mad Police vehicles, which are both roughly in the same scale.

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    SOME (not all) of the 2007 CGI TMNT Movie toys work with MOTUC. I can confirm that at least the Sludge Runner Vehicles from this line work with MOTUC. (That was my "Spectormobile")
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