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Thread: Blackstar in the MOTUC?

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    Just because you "FELT" they were connected, doesn't mean they ARE.

    I just don't see any reason to have stuff that's not even TANGENTIALLY related being integrated into the line, just because it all appeared on television at relatively the same time, and explored similar themes.

    as I said, it makes about as much sense as a Geordi LaForge action figure in a Doctor Who line.

    Were they both done by Filmation?, YES. Were they both about Barbarians with magic Swords?, YES. but the similarities end there.

    a statue does not a connection make, it was used as a nod to the other show, but does not establish any kind of tangible connection

    if you want a Blackstar Toy, ask the people who own/hold the rights for one.

    This is MOTU, it has it's own characters, we don't need to be adding stuff from outside the property to make it great or interesting, it's great and interesting all by itself.

    All I'm saying they incorporated Matt Trakker in G.I. Joe . And it would be cool. If they did the same with Blackstar and MOTU.

    Thats all.
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