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Thread: She Ra - Why only 93 eps

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    She Ra - Why only 93 eps

    I have wondered why She-Ra stopped part way through the second season. Clearly the franchise was popular enough to move into the New Adventures of He-Man.

    I finished my re-watch with Swifty's baby last night - a surprisingly moving last episode and one that ended the series well I thought. I'm just surprised they didn't bung on another 7 and make it a nice round 100.

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    I am glad they made more then 90 episodes . Thats a good life for any cartoon . I have seen plenty of toons that did not even make 20 episodes.

    They quit because the public was losing interest in MOTU and POP . This was a business and profit yadda yadda reason . The writers also said they ran out of idea,s literally which i think is a lame excuse .
    Bravestarr was the new kid on the block and they wanted to try their luck with him .

    New Adventures came years later . Mattel just wanted to retry their luck on profits but i think it failed because of all the child friendly idea,s .
    MOTU and POP transformed my childhood years to gold

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    It wasn't so much the cartoon but the PoP toy line wasn't doing well. In this franchise the toy line always took priority and when the toy line went under the cartoon went down as well. I liked PoP the show but didn't own any of the toys. Think about it. How many boys actually owned She-Ra toys? Not many and even fewer bought the crystal palace playset. Seemed like everyone had a Castle Grayskull when I was growing up but nobody had She-Ra toys. PoP was just so poorly marketed compared to MOTU. The She-Ra toys all came in pink boxes which meant they didn't appeal to both boys and girls like MOTU did. Mattel's advertising campaigns just killed it.

    Remember this was the 80s. Boys weren't allowed to allowed to play with girl toys back then. Playing with She-Ra had as much a stigma attached to it as a boy playing with Barbie. The more Mattel advertised She-Ra as a girl's toy the faster PoP died. If Mattel had marketed She-Ra under the MOTU label I am certain it would have lasted a lot longer.

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