Well, I re-read the Ian Richter's answers to fans' questions, and wanted to highlight what would have been with MYP-show continuing...

- Man-At-Arms captured and turned into a Snakeman for good – giving Snake Men a new weapons master.
[*Ian later corrected, that it would only have lasted 3-5 episodes]

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hey guys - to clarify one of my answers - Duncan as snakeman would have been a 3-5 episode storyline max. He is one of the great MOTU characters.


- Clamp Champ would have been next Heroic Warrior introduced.

- Story about how Clawful would gain intelligence via some brain tampering from Tri-Klops and almost overthrow Skeletor.

- More exploration of Fisto and Teela relationship.

- Faker was going to play an important role in the season 2 cliffhanger.

- Horde Armour to He-Man would have been finalized.

- More exploration on how Marlena is Half-Gar.

- More exploration of Keldor and Randor being brothers. Keldor being the first-born.

- Mekaneck's origin possibly told (what is in DVD bio).

- Evil Lyn and Skeletor would take over Eternia; banish Randor to Despondos.

- Evil-Lyn would succeed in freeing Hordak

- Hordak would be an extreme threat to Eternia

- Prahvus would return and Hordak would recruit him.

- Skeletor would have jaw-dropping battle with King Hiss.

- Masters would become renegades with Horde over Eternia.

- Skeletor would come back at end of season 3 and defeat Hordak.

Man.... so much potential.