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This makes me sad. So much potential for great epic story telling shot to Hell. What kind of world are we living in where the Simpsons can run for 2,000 years (long after it's ceased to be funny) but a good remake of He-Man & The Masters of the Universe can't catch a break?
I know what you mean. It seems that generalized, dumbed down stuff, aimed at the masses always goes on and on. Very frustrating. There are some really lame cartoons out there and I wonder who is watching them and who is making that garbage in the first place.

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Nothing would need to interfere with Mattel's plans for comics or movies.
Just a one off miniseries based on Taylors concept.
Which of course would need to be dark and violent!
I don't feel the need for dakness and excessive violence in my MOTU but I've always thought having different canon's and media aimed at different age levels/tastes would really help get MOTU up and running again.

Heck, if there has to be a lame mass marketed CCG for us to have enough funds to get a mature readers comic, so be it