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Thread: When did you stop collecting MOTU ?

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    When did you stop collecting MOTU ?

    It was around late 1986 . When I was 5 . I became obsessed by "The Real Ghostbusters" ,like many UK people-for a decent part of the mid 1980s. I very very vaguely recall still watching the MOTU & POP cartoon on "Childrens ITV" (UK channel) 'as late as 1988 -but the Ghostbusters ruled at that time.
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    I think my interest pretty much dropped off around the time of the 1987 movie. That would put me at about eight years old. It wasn't so much that I thought MOTU wasn't worth collecting anymore, it was just a time that I started collecting other toys (MASK, Transformers...the usual suspects). Loco Lucha Libre!!!

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    I guess around 86-87. Im not so sure. But Id say around there.
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    I didn't stop collecting... Mattel stopped making them
    I got absolutely everything 'til the confusing end... when the Powers Of Grayskull dinosaurs came out and then everything slowly vanished from the shelves!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zodak74 View Post
    I didn't stop collecting... Mattel stopped making them
    Exactly. I never stopped. Never would have stopped.

    All though, when NA came out, I didn't buy any of those. I considered it, but finally passed without buying a single one. The reason was because the way the figures were made.

    I just didn't want to collect He-man figures that wouldn't fit in with my other figures.

    Man, I can tell you this...if the NA He-man would have looked like the normal figures I would have bought them all! I would have been SOOOOO excited just to see new He-man figures.
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    It was kind of a strange thing for me. I was strictly He-Man until the release of the Transformers movie in 1986, I then started to split my interest. I never lost interest but I wasn't on the lookout as much anymore. When NA came out I purchased Skeletor and Optikk but stopped, I still wanted the figures but it was harder to like them because they were so different, the two figures were the only two I ended up buying, I wasn't into the cartoon at all. When the 2000 stuff came out, I really wanted the toys but could not afford them. I still can't, but I'm going to squeeze in MOTUC no matter what I have to do. My goal is to collect them all one day.

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    I only stopped collecting as a kid because MOTU stopped making them.

    Then I collected NA and played with them all together even though they looked different.
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    The cartoon ended here around 1989 and there were no re-runs like I hear US got.

    Toys soon faded from the shelves when 90s came and Finland was hit with TMNT, so I gradually moved to TMNT.
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    When are why did you stop collecting Motu figures ?

    I believe around 1987-88 I started losing interest.I only got a couple figures from the 1987 line.Then once 1988 came around I noticed dinosaurs with different packaging indicating it was He-man and that was it for me. Almost seemed like a different toyline...

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    When ninja turtles came into picture. Actually, He-man just faded away, from stores, from video rental places, from tv.

    See, I was born in 1986, and that's the year rotoplast started, before that I think Usa versions were available here. Sooo, when I liked motu, the line was already weakening.

    New adventures didn't help, I said "that isn't He-man" then, I still think it now.
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    I just started losing interest in around '88. The '87 movie seemed like the pinnacle for the brand and everything was downhill from there. That and the superior GIJoe toys of the time had been my main priority since 2 years prior.

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    i collected till the end, but i was starting to lose interest, i was around 9 and like many of you i didn't really understand the meteorbs or the dinosaurs

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    I stopped collecting when they stopped making the original line. I got the Eternia playset in 1989, so that was the end for me, sadly. I hated the new He-Man line, so I became a Turtles fan after that.

    Although I had a lot of other wonderful toys, the original Masters of the Universe is number one in my book. Glad I collected until the end, but I do wonder what I would have thought of He-Ro.

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