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1. Will we see advertisements for & MOTUC in magazines, on TV, etc? Or does this line depend heavily on word-of-mouth?
Yes. You will see print ads for many of the MattyCollector items.

2. Will there be a regular King Grayskull on a blister card (or whatever the regular packaging is) that can be shipped internationally?
Not at this time. We want to keep King Grayskull special for SDCC. It is possible we would re-release him on a standard blister or in a different package but at the very earliest it would be late 2010 and we would make sure he looked different (i.e. different deco) and came with different accessories to keep the SDCC version special.

3. It has never been stated if Mattel can produce movie characters that were never toys such as Karg, Lubic, Skeletor's grards, etc.
Does Mattel have rights to those figures or do they belong to the studio that made the movie?

They belong to the studio. We will only do figures from the 1987 movie if they had toys made in the original line (i.e. Blade or Gwildor)

4. A full-sized power sword was on display of one of the walls inside the Mattel SDCC booth. Do you have any plans to produce a full-sized metal sword like that for sale?
This is something we are looking into but can not confirm anything quite yet.

5. Many people received King Grayskull figures that appeared to have been opened then retaped shut. What was the reason for this?
No Grayskulls were opened and reshut. This is just how they were produced in the factory. We will mention this to our vendors to avoid packaging looking like this in the future.

6. Will there be an option for international collectors to get next year's NYCC and SDCC exclusive figures?
They will be offered in limited quantities on after the show and the exclusives for 2009 will not have electronics so they will be available internationally.

7. Many fans received King Grayskull figures that were damaged, or that became damaged when they tried to pose the figures. Mattel has no replacements for these figures. Will Mattel eventually offer replacements for King Grayskull, and will Mattel produce enough of upcoming MOTUC figures to insure replacements if this happens again?
If fans received a damaged product they can return it for a replacement through The website has full instructions for this.

8. King Grayskull's cape, hair, and loincloth are sculpted in a hard plastic which eliminates a lot of the figure's mobility. Will Mattel start using softer plastic for similar accessories to correct this?
This is something we are looking into. Grayskull’s loincloth is longer then the standard figures so this shouldn’t be a problem for He-Man or Skeletor.

9. Is the MOTUC Skeletor shown in ToyFare the final sculpt & paint application? Many fans would love to see a longer Roman belt & apron as well as some tweaks to his head sculpt & paint.
This is the final sculpt and for Skeletor’s initial release, his final paint ops. We may change the paint ops for a repaint down the line.

10. What ratio of POP and NA figures to MOTU figures can fans expect in the MOTUC line each year?
We are not at liberty to say at this time. More details for figure releases will be available on in the future.

11. Will the AFX Exclusive Faker/Kobra Khan mini-statue 2-Pack actually be released?
This is not a Mattel produced product. You will have to contact NECA or AFX in regard to this. Mattel only licensed out the Staction figures.

12. Is there a reason other than cost for why action-features will not be included? Action-features are the main feature for characters like Stonedar, Rokkon, and The Meteorbs.
For characters that need action features to exist, we will look into snap on parts like an extra neck piece for Meckanek. The action features were eliminated to make the figures more collector friendly.

13. Does each character name get its own logo on the card (like the King Grayskull logo) or will you use the same font (like in the 80's) for the character names on the card?
They will all have the same font. King Grayskull got his own logo because he was a SDCC exclusive in a unique package. All of the standard MOTUC figures will be on a standard blister card with heavy MOTU influence in shape and form. We will reveal the packaging soon on

14. Is there a chance of us getting a variant of the Spirit of Grayskull give-away figure?
Not at this time. Although a small handful of The Spirit of Grayskull figures were made for Mattel toymakers who helped create the line, only two will be made for the public. One was raffled off at SDCC, the second will be auctioned to help raise money for children affected by AIDS through the Dream Halloween event. If we produced this figure as a variant at mass it would take away from the uniqueness of the figure and its chance of raising money for this fantastic charity. You can find out more about the auction at CAAF 4 Kids.

15. What are the chances we get a new video game?
We do not have anything to announce at this time.


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