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Thread: Interview with Toyguru!

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    Always awesome to hear that the people working on a project are big fans of the actual product.
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    Hey Everyone,

    I thought that this was an awesome interview. It is great to see that Toyguru loves the lines that he works on, such as, "MotU:C" and the many "DC" lines. I really think Mattel did well finding someone who can not only do the work but loves the stuff, both through childhood and adulthood.

    Great stuff!

    Take Care,
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    That was great reading! All I have to say is... I'm dead jealous for a job like that. It has to be a dream-come-true. Most of us have to earn our living doing something we wouldn't normally do, but Toyguru would probably do his (or her?) job without pay

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    I was always surprised to see what job's were most desired by men.

    I think Maxim or Men's Health had a separate poll results.
    AOL had this one.
    but they were both similar.

    I'm amazed to see my job up there too (comic books)

    I can't lie, it is a great job.
    But it ain't riches and 40 hour a week hours.
    It's not great pay, and very LONG hours if you want to get something out of it.

    Same goes for when you move higher up the toy industry ladder.
    One of the higher ups back during the 2002 days was working 100 hour weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LEE-RO View Post
    Great news that toyguru is not only a true fan but has also done his research on the motu mythos.
    I believe the only thing left to do is us fans to support the line 100%
    That way we all win.
    My thoughts exactly!

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    Another very positive interview about Mattel and MOTUC. I really think this line could be around for a while.
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    Really hope a cartoon if the line goes well ^^.

    ... Or at least a comic.

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    How cool would a cartoon be based on the original mini comics? Not to get off topic, but Khror got me thinking...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    How cool would a cartoon be based on the original mini comics? Not to get off topic, but Khror got me thinking...

    Yes Uki that would be the best thing for new MotU(C) Cartoon-or Movie.

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