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Thread: MOTUC "Down the Road..." MYP Cartoon-Style Sculpts as a Sub-Line?

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    MOTUC "Down the Road..." MYP Cartoon-Style Sculpts as a Sub-Line?

    I'm asking this because this is what many of us had wanted during the 200x run, especially in terms of characters like He-man whose "scrawny" 200x figure bore little resemblance to his "bulky" MYP cartoon counterpart, and Skeletor even to a degree, with his fossil-white bone face in MYP, compared to his Yellow&Green black-washed face of his 200x figure, and so on....

    Basically if you look at Mattels "The Batman" line, you will see that the figure sculpts are practically identical to it's WB cartoon counterpart's animation-stylings, the main reason for this being that the sculpts were actually based on the cartoon designs, as opposed to MOTU's 200x figure-line and cartoon where the reverse is found: the cartoon's designs are based off of the re-imagined figure-sculpts done by the Four Horsemen....

    I ask this to everyone since I believe MANY fans want these cartoon-based designs sculpted into action-figure form, just as many have expressed their desire to have the classic Filmation MOTU cartoon character designs sculpted into action figures. That however, at this point anyway, is NOT even a possibility, since Mattel does NOT own the Filmation rights (Entertainment Rights does).

    BUT. Mattel does own the rights to the MYP cartoon, which thus makes an MYP cartoon-styled sub-line under the MOTUC title, a possibility!

    So I am quite curious, at this point in time, or in reality, a bit "down the road" if the MOTUC line is successful enough, would this be a sub-line wanted by the He-fan community?
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    Sounds good to me! MYP worked wonders with Moss Man
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    No thanx. The established Classics style is plenty for me.
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    Ya but Im pretty much going to buy anything they put out.
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    I would buy these in a heart beat, not sure how well they would do though.

    Making more streamlined animated versions of things is all the rage these days. If not in figure form than in statue form. Even going with original designs. Look at the "animated" versions of Star Wars.

    Also Pirates of The Carribbean got like an animated style cartoony figure line. Even though there weren't really cartoons.

    But basically, I like that JLU is continuing as a DC animated universe series, hopefully. But we still get the general modern comic style in DC Heroes. And the infinite Heroes series which is like inbetween.
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    I would like MYP/200X designs, sculpts like the mini-statue/staction line, but with articulation like MOTUC (ball jointed head, shoulders, elbow, wrists, hips, knees and ankles). That would be perfect because some mini-statues, like Snake Face and Webstor were just perfection. Especially the paint. So beautiful.
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    Yes, I think so...

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    was considering maybe some. bt no. any cartoon things i need like adora or shadow weaver i got. i dont believe the toon designs are all that different from what we are getting. now with filmation figs...well what would be the point. filmation hordak being a different case but the only exception. but even then id prefer classicized to fit with the rest. his head would be new sculpt hopefully.

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    Absolutely I'd buy it. I'm a newcomer to this line, only started collecting in April 2012 and I'm only missing 12 figures now. 2013 was my first sub and I've ordered the Filmation sub, so any additional subs would be more than welcome in my opinion. The figures I'd love to see in an MYP subline are:

    Lord Dactys
    Illumina (she counts, right?)
    Battleground Marlena
    Horde Wraiths - they could even release a Battleground Shadow Weaver (based on Gbagok's version)
    Ice Armour/Snake Armour He-Man
    Ambrosia Webstor
    Battle Lion
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