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Thread: site design idea

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    site design idea

    i've been reworking my portfolio site and this is the 3 main pages

    possibly animated gif fading from the background to the final image shown

    the main contents page, may have an image there instead of just a grey section though not sure if that's overkill

    an example of where the image possible thumbs and subsections will be and how they'll be laid out(side scrolling), though not sure about adding a space between each thumb
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    Interesting ideas mate.

    I think the first page looks good.

    Hmm, what would the animated gif be like, if you put it in there, for the fading? Any perticular ideas that you've got?

    I think the grey is fine, but it does look a bit too homogenous, but also as if the red buttons don't quite mesh. How about breaking it up a bit, with some red fields trough the gray under-sheath, and then remove the red outline on the red buttons, and make it gray instead?

    That's some things that I can think of, straight off the bat so to speak.

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