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Thread: Somewhere in Exo-Squad - fan art drawn by Matt Tyree

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    Somewhere in Exo-Squad - fan art drawn by Matt Tyree

    Another fan art commission done for me by Matt Tyree, this one for the underrated Exo-Squad series (1993-1995) focusing on the series golden beauty & the beast couple, Marsala (heroic Neosapien) and Nara Burns (hot yet wholesome farm girl) of Able Squad. In case you're wondering this picture was inspired by the poster for Somewhere In Time, starring the late Christopher Reeve & Jane Seymour. As such, I call this Somewhere In Exo-Squad.

    I know it's not exact but you get the idea.

    If that image doesn't show up, try clicking here:
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    Somewhere In Exo-Squad, a fan art by Matt Tyree (just in case you're curious)

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