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    8 17.39%
  • Removable Armor on Both Sides

    37 80.43%
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Thread: Generic Eternian Soldier: Armor on One Side or Both?

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    Generic Eternian Soldier: Armor on One Side or Both?

    If a Generic Eternian Soldier is ever made, what about their armor? Would you like armor on both arms and legs? Just the left side like MAN-AT-ARMS? Or perhaps removable armor, so you can have it however you like it.
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    I went with all three of the rest of the voters. I'm not too concerned with any army builders personally; I would prefer to get main characters out. Of course, I know as soon as I see an Eternian trooper or Hordesman (or insert-name-of-generic-footsoldier-here), I'll want one or two.
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    Obviously removeable armour on both sides.

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    Removable on both sides is the best option.
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    I went woth armor on both sides. Removable or not, it really doesn't make much of a difference to me.

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    Both sides. If it's removable, we can make cool battle scenes with the warriors missing some armor, laying next to them as if they got hit, HARD.

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    I don't mind - whatever the 4H think is best.

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    each warrior wears the armor differently.
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