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Please avoid questions about:
  • Figure specific requests (eg: When will we see She-Ra?).

Figure specific requests will undoubtedly be met with a "anything is possible" answer.
The figures that can be produced are figures that were in the original MOTU, POP and NA lines, as well as in the mini-comics for these lines.
Characters that appeared in the 2002 MYP cartoon are also fair game.
Filmation characters are off limits!
Who will be produced will remain to be seen.

We will pick the 10 questions we feel might get answers at that time. Please do not take offense to your question not being asked.
It's nothing personal.

Previous WTFWTK sessions (questions and Mattel answers):


The 10 questions that were asked in the previous Q&A & will be answered in a couple weeks as follows (please do not repeat them, or questions from previous Q&As):

1. Are there, or will there be any plans to release blank, unpainted versions of characters for customizers to use in creating custom characters?

2. Will Mattel release any 2-packs or boxsets? (eg: Rock people, Evil Horde, army builder sets, etc)

3. If Mattel releases figures that can serve as army builders (leg: Horde troopers, palace guards, etc), will lift the ordering limit so fans can order larger quantities?

4. Since Warner Bros distributes the 1987 movie, and Warner owns DC, and Mattel has a relationship with DC, is deal possible with WB where Mattel can release characters from the movie that never saw action-figure form in the 80s?

5. At the very least, can Mattel make 1987 movie-design inspired figures of characters they own? (eg: Skeletor, Sorceress, etc)

6. How well does the MOTUC line have to perform before Mattel will consider increasing their release frequency? (eg: 2 figures a month or more)

7. Has made any progress with the subscription / preordering / group shipping option? Many fans would like to save money on shipping by having figures shipped in intervals while avoiding a possible sell-out of a first-edition figure.

8. Has Mattel given thought to the option of letting foreign distributors or retailers purchase/handle quantities of the line to help defray shipping & handling costs to fans?

9. Has Mattel considered producing accessory packs for specific characters to modify them into other figures, with the hopes of keeping production costs low while offering more variety to fans? (eg: Terror Claws Skeletor gear)

10. Will the cards have the factions displayed below the MOTU logo as they did in the 80s (eg: Snake Men, Evil Horde) or alternate logos (eg: Princess of Power logo for She-Ra characters)?


So ask those questions!