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Thread: "It Depends On How Well The Line Does..."

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    "It Depends On How Well The Line Does..."

    Since a number of the responses being given by "ToyGuru" to the questions in the Mattel Q&A threads can be summed up by the title of THIS thread, why don't we just collect them all here? You could even post new ones if you like. I'll start if off...


    Q:Are there, or will there be any plans to release blank, unpainted versions of characters for customizers to use in creating custom characters?

    Q:Will Mattel release any 2-packs or boxsets? (eg: Rock people, Evil Horde, army builder sets, etc)

    Q:Has Mattel considered producing accessory packs for specific characters to modify them into other figures, with the hopes of keeping production costs low while offering more variety to fans? (eg: Terror Claws Skeletor gear)

    Q:Since he was said to be considered for the MOTUC line, has anything been uncovered in regards to the Savage He-Man originally thought to be from Wonder Bread?

    Q:Is there a possibility for the release of Fearless Photog, the winning entry in the design a figure contest back in the 80s?

    Q:Are sculpted environments a possible addition to be included with figures? (like with Robocop or Lost figures)
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    Wow. I can't believe you missed the two biggest demands of MOTUC...

    Q: Will Mattel or the 4H make any 200X versions of the MOTU characters for MOTUC?

    Q: Will there be any animals, vehicles or playsets for MOTUC? He-Man needs a BattleCat to ride.
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    Good topic!!!

    The question about distribution to Europe, Australia ... etc. (non-US countries) to lower the price per figure (incl. shipping) was answered in similar way.
    This is pretty important for non-US fans!!!!

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    I've been pretty hard on Mattel of late, especially given their problems getting MOTUC going, changing stories and recent complete backtracking on DCUC being an "adult collector line" in more than one Q&A on the web. And I feel the criticisms I've made have been justified. But, not to kill the joke here, the answer in question actually seems to be a legitimate one. This is an experiment, a web based line aimed soley at collectors (unless MOTUC, like DCUC, is now suddenly aimed at Moms and kids). As such, it's pretty much uncharted territory for them, and what can be done really does seem completely dependent on how well it sells. It's on the verge of becoming a stock answer, but, right now, I feel it's actually the truth.
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    Q: Will I finally get an official made by the 4HM and Mattel, Green Goddess figure?
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    Scott is right about that. It does scare me just a bit, because every time I see that response I think "Oh no! What if the line DOESN'T sell welle nough. Then what?!" But that's just my fears of teh line tanking before it begins shining through.

    Mattel really does have to see how things sell. I just really hope sales are good, and we get all kinds of great new MOTUC goodness!
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    I'm glad they are taking their time & not committing to anything too big & risky.

    I have faith in the answer "Depends how well the line does" as I think the line will do well.

    Though I'd say it would be a while before they could afford to tool something like Battlecat.

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